Blogger Bash 2016 Recap – As Told By Those Who Were There

As you may know I was an ambassador for Blogger Bash 2016 and it was one of the best things I could have done for my blog. I wasn’t the only one who felt changed after the event! Check out what other attendees said about this year’s event:

Blogger Bash 2016 Recap – As Told By Those Who Were There

I loved being, and was proud to be, an Ambassador this year! BBNYC was well-organized, fun, and the brands represented this year far exceeded any previous year as well as my own expectations. – Dusty, As Mom Sees It


Thanks to Blogger Bash I feel like I gained so much confidence in myself and my brand. Getting to interact with other bloggers, brands, and especially participating in speed pitching was a huge growth experience for me! – Becky, Disney In Your Day


Blogger Bash is more than connecting with tons of awesome brands, which are amazing! It’s the chance to meet other bloggers, learn from them and walk away with possibilities, friends and great memories. – Destiny, Suburban Wife City Life


Until BBNYC I never realized how much fun I would have sharing my vision and enthusiasm for my blog with the brands that I love. Explaining my brand to the sponsors really solidified what my readers and I are all about! Speed pitching was a huge learning and confidence building experience for me. I will definitely be back! – Herchel, Gym Craft Laundry


The staff at Blogger Bash was exceptionally kind to me. When they heard that my DD11 broke her arm and that I might not be able to attend, they asked me what she liked to do. A couple days later a box of toys arrived with an assortment of toys. Who else does this type of kind gesture, just days before a big conference. The niceness continued and each day I was asked about my daughter. This empathy and compassion is a true sign of the quality of the Blogger Bash staff. – Esti, PrimeTime Parenting


When I first registered for Blogger Bash I was both excited and nervous! BBNYC had everything well-organized from the very beginning to the final farewell party! Thanks to the diligence of all the organizors and ambassadors , I was well-informed and fully prepared for everything I needed while in town for the event. From wardrobe to business cards, these gals thought of everything! Not to mention the anticipation built with Twitter Parties and our closed Facebook group! Walking into the events I felt comfortable and confident that I was well prepared and ready to present my brand. This experience far exceeded my expectations. I am thankful for friendships made, and the brands I was able to interact with. The experiences that I had were irreplaceable. I look forward to next year’s event!! – Kristin, Faith & Family Fun


Blogger Bash IS the conference to attend if you want to connect with bloggers and brands. The caliber of speakers and companies represented is second to none. The organizers are leaders in the industry and it’s a blog conference that can’t be missed! – Monica, Happy and Blessed Home


As it being my first time I met some great blogger friends that I’m friends with on Facebook and I had a good time I’m definitely going next year! – Debra, Debra’s World

Be sure to join us next year for Blogger Bash 2017!

Blogger Bash 2016 Recap – As Told By Those Who Were There