Many studies have shown that there are numerous developmental benefits of crafts among young children; from encouraging problem-solving abilities, creativity to motor skills. Not to mention the fun aspect of doing crafts.

Adults have taken notice and are more and more engaged in this pastime activity. Crafting has proven to be beneficial for adults as well in that not only does it get them off their phones but their overall health can be improved.

Many moms who love to do crafts find it difficult to find the time to chase down every “lightbulb” that lights up in their head. Between kids, work, chores, and a thousand other little things, you need to be “mentally organized” in order to squeeze in a fast (but successful) crafting project here and there.

Here are 5 steps to take during the process of selecting, preparing for, and accomplishing your next craft project:

1. Select and Prioritize Your Crafting Ideas

Carry a small notebook with you to write down all your “light bulb” ideas so they don’t get lost in the land of forgetfulness or swept under the rug by mounting obligations. You can gradually develop some ideas, while discarding others, and eventually begin to see your best and most practical ideas stand out among the rest.


It only takes a few minutes now and then. You can always add to it. Ultimately, select the “keepers” and prioritize them. If you don’t your list will quickly reach triple digits while your finished projects remain at double digits.

2. Choose an Occasion and a Project to Make It Special

If you can think of a special occasion or reason to do a particular craft, it will be that much more fun to do and give you the focus it deserves. Mother’s Day, for example, is an opportunity for doing crafts “by moms for moms.” Christmas, New Years, Halloween, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and a host of other holidays, special occasions, and life events are always right around the corner. Find a good fit for your idea and run with it.

3. Gather the Best Tools for the Job

The next step is to prepare for the task. You not only need the materials and the know-how, but you need to gear up with all the right tools to make the project as easy and stress-free as possible. Check out online sites for advice on which tools to use.


For example, Toolnerds offers insight into the capabilities of the household tools you may need, and they have some in-depth reviews of specific brands and products. You may have most of the tools you need already around the house, but the lack of even one key tool can stop you mid-project and force you to run to the store. So prepare all the tools ahead of time.

4. “Budget” in Time for the Project

You do have to budget money for your upcoming craft project, but often for busy moms, budgeting time is the real difficulty. You’ll have to map out your schedule and carefully consider when you will be able to do the whole thing in one sitting. Or if you can’t, look for free hours and minutes on your freest days of the week so you can finish your craft little by little.

5. Enjoy the Results

There is no point in doing crafts if you simply rush through it and immediately forget about it. Post-project, take time to “gaze on” your work and truly enjoy the outcome. Think about the pros and cons of the process and the result, and write down ways to improve for next time. Also get some feedback. And definitely share your creation on Facebook or other social media sites!