Don’t forget about your favorite feline! Cats need a Christmas too, I mean they are part of the family, right? I have come across the 5 coolest things you can get for that furry little friend so that he doesn’t feel sad about Santa not coming for him…

The Cat Ball

The Cat Ball® cat bed is hexagonal and is made with generously thick, padded walls, creating a flexible, warm and cozy cave like bed for your kitty. The seams of the Cat Ball® are finished with bias tape, creating a charming and appealing look with great finish details.

What does a cat do with the Cat Ball® bed? Well, the Cat Ball® is a pet bed, and a perfect place to nap! Some cats just hang out and stare at you until they fall asleep. Other cats like to peek out of the two holes and attack your ankles, your other pets, or dangling toys.

WindowKitty Cat Perch Bed

WindowKitty® protects your privacy by blocking the view into your window. Protects window blinds; window blinds rest on top of the product, out of your cats way! Provides a fun tunnel play area for your cat to watch birds!

Permanent installation recommended, see installation instructions under the Installation tab prior to purchase.

Fits popular windows sized from 17.5″ to 32.5″
Product Height: 11″
Product Depth: 9.5″
Approximate Weight of WindowKitty: 6.9 lbs
Tested by an independent 3rd party lab to hold over 50 pounds with permanent installation

Cat Is Good 12-Piece Pounce Toy Gift Box

  • Fun Toys for Cats – Both kittens and cats will love these toys, some of which make noise and will roll across the floor
  • Easy-to-Wrap Gift Box – This box of kitten toys is packaged perfectly to be wrapped for gift-giving
  • 12 Different Toys – Your cats won’t become bored with this set, as there are 12 different toys included in the box
  • Rolling Balls – Kittens will love chasing the set’s sparkle balls and plastic jingle balls across the floor
  • Catnip Toys – A few of the toys in the gift box, including a Cat Is Good icon soft toy, contains catnip, which your cats and kittens will love

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Keep Fido’s nose out of the cat’s business with this unique Open Top Litter Box by IRIS USA, Inc. Your cat will love the easy top access that provides them room to move around and not make a mess. The grooves on the lid create a built in mat to prevent litter from scattering when leaving their litter box. The rounded shape and attachable hook to hang the included litter scoop makes for quick and easy cleaning. Available in multiple colors.

HOLIDAY GIFT SET – Organic cat grass growing kit

NATURAL HAIRBALL REMEDY FOR CATS: Much like mother’s milk, the juices in cat grass contain FOLIC ACID. Folic Acid assists in the production of hemoglobin, this protein moves oxygen in the blood. This is an essential vitamin in a cat’s bodily function and acts as a digestive aid. FIBER – A high-fiber diet can help prevent the formation of hairballs. Cat grass provides an organic renewable resource of enjoyment and fiber for your cat. (and may save you a trip to the veterinarian).

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