3 L’oreal Women Of Worth Recipients Who Dedicate Their Lives To Supporting Our Troops

Each year L’oreal Paris recognizes Women of Worth – women making a difference in their communities. Each year 10 women are honored and can receive up to $35,000 for a cause of their choice. These three exceptional women highlighted here have a dedication not only for their own communities, but for soldiers and their families. This 4th of July I want to share their causes with you:


Brittany Bergquist

Brittany is the co-founder of Cell Phones for Soldiers, a nonprofit dedicated to keeping military families connected by offering them cost-free communication services. To-date the organization has provided more than 213 million minutes of free talk time and recycled more than 11.6 million cell phones for military members and veterans. In July 2012, Brittany helped to expand her efforts with Cell Phones for Soldiers, launching Helping Heroes Home to provide emergency funds for returning veterans to alleviate communication challenges as well as physical, emotional and assimilation hardships. Since then, Helping Heroes Home has assisted more than 2,700 veterans and their families with emergency funding.


Taryn Davis

Taryn is the creator or the American Widow Project, a nonprofit that unifies, educates and empowers women who have lost a husband in service to their country. After her husband was killed by multiple roadside bombs while serving his country in 2007, Taryn developed the American Widow Project to provide women with  vital peer-to-peer, emotional and educational support necessary to maximize success, healing and hope for a brighter future –which has helped thousands of women since it began eight years ago.


Deborah Snyder

Deborah Snyder is a retired Army pilot and the founder of Operation Renewed Hope Foundation, a nonprofit that works to provide homeless veterans and their families in the DC-area with housing. After Deborah retired from a two-decade career in the Army, she was alarmed at the high rate of homelessness among fellow veterans and started Operation Renewed Hope Foundation in December 2011. With the mission to end veteran homelessness, Operation Renewed Hope Foundation has assisted over 300 veterans and their families, providing them with homes and the support they need to be productive and self-sufficient contributors to their communities.


To find out more about L’Oreal’s Women of Worth visit http://www.lorealparisusa.com/en/women-of-worth.

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