20 Diy Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Halloween is my favorite holiday! Instead of buying a costume (and usually spending WAY too much money), try your hand at making something adorable! Here are 20 easy to make costumes for kids!

  1. Easy $3 Medusa costume and makeup tutorial from Slap Dash Mom
  2. Homemade Black Cat Tutu Costume from Artsy Momma
  3. A cute little bee costume DIY from At Home With Sweet T
  4. Mermaid Costume Tutorial from Creative Green Living
  5. DIY Crayon Costume from Kids Activities Blog
  6. Elsa Cape tutorial with jacket inspired by Disney’s Frozen from FleeceFun.Com
  7. DIY Princess Buttercup Costume from Hi It’s Jilly
  8. DIY Butterfly Costume from Simmworks Family Blog
  9. DIY No Sew Maleficent Costume from Pink When
  10. DIY “The Birds” Costume Tutorial from Andrea’s Notebook
  11. Monsters University Homemade Halloween PNK Sorority Costume from Club Chica Circle
  12. Halloween DIY Bubble Gum Machine from Thrifty Momma’s Tips
  13. No sew prince charming costume DIY tutorial from Desert Chica
  14. Mail Carrier And Letter Halloween Costume from Mom’s Messy Miracles
  15. One Zombie, Coming Right Up! from A Spectacled Owl
  16. The Lorax Family Costumes from Ashlee Marie
  17. How to Make A Boxtroll Costume for Halloween from Two Kids And A Coupon
  18. DIY No Sew Carrot Costume for Toddlers from Moms And Crafters
  19. DIY Luke Skywalker Costume from Midget Momma
  20. Creating Cleopatra from Driftwood Gardens