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New Mom Hacks From a Veteran Mom of Twins

*Thank you to Store Brand Formula for partnering with me on this post. 

As a seasoned pro when it comes to being a new mom (of twins no less!). I have learned my fair share of tips and tricks to make life just a little easier. One of these things was using Store Brand Formula. I discovered early on that there wasn’t a difference in the name brand and Store Brand. I knew that when I went to Target, Walmart, Kroger, or just about any other national chain, their store brand was the same. It was all made by Store Brand Formula.

New Mom Hacks From A Veteran Mom Of Twins

Store Brand Formula is nutritionally comparable to nationally advertised brands but costs up to 50% less. It’s called formula for a reason.

New Mom Hacks From A Veteran Mom Of Twins

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Infant formula is regulated by the FDA, which means that all ingredients need to meet specific standards- that means that all formula brands contain comparable essential nutrients to make sure baby stays healthy and receives nutrients to grow. My kids had it when they were at formula age and are now 8 years old with no health issues whatsoever. In fact they rarely get sick, and when they do it passes quickly.

The New Mom Look. It includes messy hair, no sleep, and mystery stains on clothing. Being a new mom is exhausting and you need all the help you can get. Luckily, store brand infant formula has you covered. It’s called formula for a reason.

New Mom Hacks From A Veteran Mom Of Twins

Top Tips For New Parents

Try these tried and true tricks to make your life a little easier:

  • Use a plastic drawer bin system for clothing – place all of the clothing your baby might need per day in each bin and label them. This was you aren’t hunting for a onesie when that next blow-out happens.
  • Baby wipes are your best friend. I had (and still do have) them stashed everywhere – bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, car – anywhere I would go in a day I knew I had wipes handy. Not only are they great for cleaning baby bottoms, they are perfect for hands, face, toys, and those mystery clothing stains.
  • Pre-measure your formula. It helped so much for me to have the formula ready in the bottles each morning, all I had to do was add water and warm it up. I did this the night before and had the bottles all ready to rock for the next day (or in the night). It made it so much easier!

Also – moms – if you are bottle feeding over the breast, please don’t worry. I was in the 10% of new mothers who couldn’t breastfeed medically, but I also know that some make a choice too. The bottom line is that your baby is getting the nutrition she needs and how you do that is up to you. It’s okay. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

New Mom Hacks From A Veteran Mom Of Twins

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