I have a confession to make. Last fall right after school started both of my children came home with lice. Not just regular lice – super lice. It was awful. Just when I thought I had a hold of it all I noticed my daughter scratching her head and got to do it all over again. But I did learn some valuable lessons through my lice endeavors. 

First off, let’s talk about super lice. They look like normal lice, they aren’t any bigger or browner or have capes or anything like that. The difference between regular lice and super lice is that they are resistant to traditional lice treatments. I know. Like I said, it’s awful. These suckers just don’t want to die… So eradicating them via means other than chemicals is necessary. 

My first step in lice removal was to run to the store and grab some lice treatment which essentially did nothing. I tried suffocating them with shower caps. I put tea tree oil in the kids shampoo. These things did some damage but didn’t fully kill them, but I will tell you how to kill lice that just won’t die.

Strip all of the bed sheets and wash with an additive such as Launder Lice. Use the longest cycle your washing machine has.Use the hottest dryer setting you can use. Grab all of those non-washable items like stuffed animals, pillows, etc and tie them up tightly into plastic garbage bags and throw those into your garage for 2 weeks. Use that Launder Lice booster in every single load of laundry for the next 10 days. 

Use an electric lice comb on the kids. You can pick up a RobiComb at CVS and use it on dry hair. I LOVE these because they zap those nasty lice and it’s not chemicals. To use on long hair you just have your child flip their head over and start at the back. The comb lets you know when you have a louse, then you can brush it into a bowl of soapy water. Super easy and no mess.

Next, use an electric lice comb to kill lice on the kids. What I did was use a lice shampoo and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then I rinsed it out and applied some conditioner. Using a lice comb with long tines that are close together, comb through the hair, rinsing the comb after each pass. Rinse the hair thoroughly after you are done. This will help get all of those loose eggs and let them go down the drain where they belong. Do this for at least 10 days! Every other day is fine!

Honestly, don’t waste your money on the chemical kits, because in my personal opinion they just don’t work well. well. I hope these tips and tricks helped show you and your family how to kill lice and eradicate those suckers once and for all! All items mentioned can be found at your local CVS, Walmart, and other retailers or online.

Eradicate Lice Without Chemicals

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