I don’t know about you but I am pretty tired of the mountains and mountains of candy in Easter baskets. I would rather have my kids get some fun games and cool DIY projects which is why I gathered some of my favorites. Enjoy!

The Adventure Force Power Raider water blaster provides both power and accuracy so you’re sure to soak your opponent every time! You can blast water up to 40 feet and use the battery operated Red-Dot-Scope for pinpoint aiming. With three adjustable nozzles and the capacity to hold up to 65 ounces of water, you will be suited up for your next water battle! $19.84; Ages 6+/available exclusively at Walmart

Team up to embark on a covert mission with these two walkie talkie dart blasters by Buzz Bee Toys. Each blaster has a built in Walkie Talkie with earbud communication that works up to a 300 foot range so your opponents won’t hear you coming. With blasting power up to 100 feet, you will be unbeatable! $24.99; Ages 6+/available exclusively at Target

Probably not for the kid's basket, but this gift should be here for the grownups. Pyro pet candles is a family of animal shaped candles with a hidden surprise. It may look like an innocuous wax ornament, but strike a match, light the wick and you will soon see the pyro pet candle for what it really is.

Create an ambiance all your own with the STMT D.I.Y Custom Candles kit! Customize 2 fragrant candles that express your mood using soothing scents including Lavender, Sweet Orange and Rose. Personalize your candle tins with trendy stickers and personal designs to enhance your décor or gift. Use the recipe card to write down your fragrance mix so that you can make your signature candle time and time again. Begin with ease following along with the included instruction booklet!

Create an exciting and unpredictable home spa experience with POPFIZZ Sweet & Scented Bath Bombs! Simply mix the included ingredients together to create your custom bath bomb that explodes into colorful fizz, bubbles, and swirls. Awaken your senses as the explosion brings about sweet-smelling aromas created by your unique mix of essential oils. Decorate your bath bomb with vibrant mica powders and body glitter. Create solid or multi-color bath bombs with the assorted molds available. Once your created bath bombs are submerged in water, the explosion occurs and a surprise is revealed! Recommended for ages 6 and up. Adult supervision required.

Dive into the classic arts of scrapbooking, journaling, sketching and more with the Just My Style 4-in-1 stationery Studio! collect all of your favorite photos, quotes and memories to create a precious keepsake with the bound, hardcover scrapbook. Embellish and customize each page with punch-outs, stickers and sparkling gemstones. Free your thoughts and express yourself in the included diary. Write down memories, quotes, dreams, wishes, secrets and more. Make your besties day and drop a cute card in their locker or send snail mail to friends and family! finally, chill out and relax with the illustrated coloring pages and sketchbook. When you're finished coloring, frame them for decoration or hang them on your wall! recommended for ages 6 and up.

Welch's Easter Shaped Fruit Snacks

Get to snacking with Mixed Fruit Snacks from Welch's®. Perfect to toss into lunch boxes, purses, book bags and more, these fruity treats are great for snacking on the go. They're made with real fruit and contain an excellent source of Vitamin C, so you can feel good about what you're eating.

Electronic Egg Toss is fun for girls and boys ages 3 years old and up. The stuffed animal has over 50 egg-mazing phrases, sounds, and music. It’s the perfect electronic game for EASTER, and it functions similar to the Hot Potato game. Pass the soft plush bird around but catch it softly. The egg will recognize and respond when you catch it too hard and “crack” the egg. Take a step back when you get an “Egg-Mazing Catch”. This kids game can be used indoor and outdoor making it a great gift year round. Extensive product testing was done with kids of all ages - toddlers, preschoolers, 4 year olds, 5 year olds, and 6 year olds!

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