Stuck on what to get for your Valentine? Here are my personal top gifts for this year for anyone on your list. Most are small businesses to support! Check out my Instagram for more!


A Token Of is a locket that is designed to be worn with intention. Each locket represents a different virtue and charity. There are a plethora of pickings— whether these lockets symbolize a trait you embody or act as a subtle (but constant) reminder, we are sure one of our lockets will speak to you.

When opened, this locket reveals a special picture you personally picked and we printed. On the back of the locket sits one authentic diamond. This diamond will rest on your heart— activating your heart chakra. We believe this token will send forth your special message to your mind, body and soul. The token of harmony is always with you but simultaneously displayed and shared with the world.

Garment engineered with Boost technology™, built-in support without constraint or compression or wires. Our garments are made of soft jersey modal fabrics that caress and hold. Provides shape and lift with full adjustability when you need it and a more relaxed setting when you don't.
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Whether you're looking for classic and subtle or fun and funky frames, you'll find it and more in our collection of reading glasses for women.

Find the frame recommended for your face shape!
If you're unsure which reading magnification you need, try our Power Finder tool!
Don't forget a pair of computer readers for smartphone, tablet, and desktop use.
Looking for an even wider selection? Check out the homepage for all of our reading glasses.

The definition of hero is a vague term since anyone can find their personal hero and role model in anyone who has had an impact on their specific life. At Be Robin Hood we believe that anyone can be a hero to the people who are less fortunate. We provide and promote products from reputable clothing brands who donate part of their profit to those in need.

In addition, Be Robin Hood will also donate 10% of our profit to different charities based off of our customer's choosing.

I give and I receive. My heart's embrace is reciprocal. Aligned with hope and rebirth, I trust in the grandest truth of all - love makes the world go round. I am a part of that. Cherished and beloved, I am loved.

Rose quartz is the pure stone of love. It teaches us to trust and aids in emotional healing. Also a symbol of hope and rebirth, many find solace in the honest and simple wholeness and truth it represents. The rose quartz in this handcrafted necklace features a circular stone floating within either a 14k gold filled or sterling silver hammered circle.

Stone: rose quartz (~2 cm diameter)
Metal: 14k gold filled circle, chain, and clasp or sterling silver circle, chain, and clasp
Length: 19"

Drawing inspiration from her southern upbringing (think summer days spent frolicking in the fields, working in the gardens with my Nanny, laughing until our sides hurt, as we ran and played in the sunset), Kristen Baird injects her work with colors and textures,  juxtaposing forms both geometric and fluid, as though the designs might have sprung organically from the serene coastline of Georgia or the glorious hills of Tennessee. Each heirloom-worthy piece contains an authentic feeling of happiness and joy, a sense of nostalgia and an essence of freedom.

Become the Detective

Receive your box of clues. Solve the mystery. Reveal the murderer.

Join thousands of true crime, serial killer, and puzzle game enthusiasts in our private Facebook group.

Get beautiful salon quality curls with just a push of a button! The NEW KISS Instawave 101 is one of the most affordable automatic curling irons on the market. With both our 1” and 1 ¼” barrel sizes you can create tight curls to loose beach waves in minutes & it's tangle free! Simply place hair between the tongs and barrel, press the left or right button, and watch the patented curl dial turn and do all the work-It’s that easy!

The Heart Shaped Umbrella is the perfect accessory to bring some style and
flair to any gloomy day. Ideal for romantic dates and weddings, the
umbrella’s unique heart shape offers a fun fashion accent. To ensure
durability, the umbrella features a sturdy 16-rib fiberglass construction. Its
plastic handle and lightweight aluminum shaft also make it easy to carry.
Available in Red and White.

This is a playable deck of poker cards dipped in 24 karat gold.
The deck is produced to tournament grade standards.
These cards are used frequently throughout the world in casino high-roller rooms.
Presented in an elegant high quality case made from cherrywood, the entire package measures 6.3" long x 4.7" wide x 1.8" high and contains an authentication certificate.

Spring has sprung and there’s plenty of yummy treats to go along with season. We’ve got some of our own to share with you. Our flavored lubricants are just simply delish! They’re the sort of treat you’ll want more of and more of and more of and…well… you get the point.

Delight your partner by combining two complementary flavors to your oh la la parts and let them indulge. Here are some of our favorite springtime combos:

Sweet Peach + Cinnamon Bun = the sweetest peach pie around

Pomegranate + Vanilla Bean = a sweet treat parfait

Candy Apple + Salted Caramel = the best candied apple you’ve ever had

The new Boosa Macro M1 Power Bank is a superior, high-capacity portable phone charger that'll juice up your iPhone 8 over 3.5 times.

Boosa Tech Macro M1 Key Features:

High Performance 10,000 mAh Capacity Portable Battery Charger
Micro USB Input
2 x USB-A Outputs: 5V, 2.1A
1 x USB-C Output: 5V, 2.1A
Four-Light LED Power Indicator
Lithium Polymer Battery
Weight: 199 grams
12 Month Warranty

Succulents hold a special place in our hearts not only because of their elegant beauty but also of their affordability and environmental friendliness. They look similar to flowers especially rosette-types, but they live much longer and require much less care—the alternative sustainable choice for home decorations and gifts.Succulents are known for their amazing ability to thrive in poor soils and low-water conditions. Therefore, they symbolize endurance, harmony, and timelessness.

We started this journey with a very simple idea - to create beautiful and quality watches made from natural materials inspired by minimalist design. We love the great outdoors, and that's why we chose wood as the main material for our products. The look of a wooden watch is so unique and each piece of wood with its rich grain and texture is so captivating and seems to tell its own story. Our design influence also comes from different locations of natural beauty that just take your breath away. Some of which we have seen and some of which are definitely on our bucket list. Paired with a post-modern design influence and dedication to quality and perfection we feel that upon receiving our wood watch you will definitely love them as much as we do.

This magic elixir is truly a miracle oil.

To say it is a "beard oil" is vastly under-selling its charms. It can be used on any hairs. Yes, it will delightfully smooth and condition even the most krinkly beards... but why does it have to stop there?

My hair is a matted disaster from years of bleaching and coloring. This jojoba and hempseed oil-based elixir soothes and smooths my angry, frizzy mess.

The cedar oil is a light antiseptic, which combats icky smelliness. Mixed with our sweet, smoky campfire, the combination is woody, earthy, and deep, while being lightly scented enough to be worn directly under one's nose day in and day out.

Ingredients: jojoba oil, hempseed oil, olive oil, essential and fragrance oil.

Check out the viral Facebook post showcasing the glow of these bracelets!

The Mermaid Glass bracelets are available in a selection of hypnotic hues and a .925 Sterling Silver centrepiece. Each bracelet includes a matching .925 Sterling Silver logo charm. With their stretchable clear elastic cord, the bracelets are one-size-fits-most.

These bracelets make for a magical gift, and would be a great fit for any Valentine’s Day pieces you might be putting together for Life She has! Are you interested in sharing them if I send you a sample? Please let me know!

We make our frames here in our own workshop in the UK. Thats quite rare, didn’t you know?

But why does that matter?

You find eyewear on offer all a bit samey. Confusing? Some expensive, some incredibly cheap, all claiming to be different and of high quality. The truth is they’re all the same frames, the same styles, from the same factories - somewhere else.

Here’s the thing - our frames aren’t samey.

We built our own manufacturing methods to produce the finest eyewear for you. Eyewear unlike those found from the traditional factories of Europe or Asia. Our eyewear is subtly distinctive, not attention grabbing, but it catches your eye.

You could call us unique.

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