Looking for something that anyone would love? Here are my favorite Home & Family gifts for 2019!

Gift ideas include:

Capresso 259.03 H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle

A practical household item in a beautiful design, the H2O PLUS Glass Water Kettle showcases the innate beauty of water - this highly efficient electric kettle not only looks stunning on any countertop, but also boils water faster and uses less energy than stovetop kettles.

Levitating Plant Air Bonsai

The Air Bonsai Levitating Plant Pot is the new way to add live plants to your home! It is a magnetic mid-air floating pot (you can tell your friends it's magical), where you can plant any type of plant or flower- the classic plant would be a bonsai tree (a miniature version of a large tree), but it's all up to you. When connected to a power source, the Air Bonsai rotates at 360 degrees, completely in the air!

Beautiful geometrical hanging terrarium, to display any of your gorgeous flowers or plants.

Made of high-grade iron, this product is an ideal candidate to withstand the outdoors. Hang it as a beautiful decoration in from of your house, by your garden, or even inside!

Available in the colors Gold and Silver

Who Can Indoor Skydive?
You can. So can anyone you’d like to bring with you! We offer a safe, fun, and overall awesome experience for all flyers.


Kids, teens, adults and seniors.
Ages 3-103 (Seriously).
Ages 17 and below need a parent or guardian to sign their waiver.
Beginner flyers (No skill required)
People of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities.

You don’t need to be athlete or in the best shape of your life. Anyone can fly! Our world-class instructors are pros at making flying fun for everyone.

The BreatheSmart 45i is incredibly quiet, and perfectly tuned to only generate soothing pink noise - a frequency shown to help you sleep up to 25% better. Night mode disables display lighting with one-touch for an ideal sleep environment. And according to a study by SleepScore Labs, the 45i is proven to improve sleep and allergy symptoms so you can wake up feeling more refreshed.

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