Leo Gray's family members, who live in Riverdale, New York, in 2113, love the technology of the past, but their old-tech ways cause his schoolmates to tease him: ''No one else's parents that he knew of used a dishwasher, vacuum, or sewing machine.'' Still, their steampunk-ish style doesn't stop Leo from embracing modern science and dreaming of a more up-to-date way of life. He competes to win a trip to the Lunar Academy, a new utopian school in Luna City on the moon. Various obstacles interfere—including his father's disapproval of the idea—but Leo finally gets to the moon, where he discovers that he can make good friends and pursue a future in science. He meets the smart and athletic Andromeda Groves, her cousin Pavo Digbi, and the loud but cowardly Gruswaldious Pinwheel, but he also must deal with his longtime, privileged nemesis, Gavin Jones.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR KIDS: The BT2200 are designed to be safer headphones for kids. Made to protect young listeners’ eardrums from early hearing damage following the World Health Organization’s recommendation of a 85dB-limited volume range.
STUDIO-GRADE AUDIO QUALITY THAT IS SAFER FOR KIDS: Our patent-pending Puro Balanced Response Curve provides your kids or teens with the finest genuine studio sound, including clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass – all within the safety of 85 dB.

THE IDEAL CREATIVE TOY TO DEVELOP PROBLEM-SOLVING & MOTOR SKILLS IN KINDERGARTEN AGE KIDS 5 & UP: Fun, educational and helps boys & girls quickly reach age-appropriate milestones such as Cognitive Educational, Emotional & Physical Skills.
BUILDING PROUD MOM MOMENTS BRICK BY BRICK: Your child will discover the full possibility of their imagination, creating their own designs with a complete range of colors and a baseboard compatible with other popular brick playsets such as: LEGO® Duplo® & Mega Bloks®

SIZES & FIT: Small size for kids, medium for tweens, and large for teens and adults. Made for children age 5 and up. Made of a breathable lightweight cotton polyester blend that stretches to fit. Fit will be tight at first but will stretch with use. The outer cotton mitten provides warmth for winter but also light enough for summer nights. This product is not waterproof, spot clean only, do not submerge in water.
LIGHT COLORS AND FLASH MODES: Each glove glows 3 different colors in 6 different modes: Solid, flashing, and alternating patterns
EASY OPERATION: Simply press the button on the cuff and scroll through 6 different lighting modes from flashing to wave to solid.
GIFTS FOR KIDS: Kids love all things that light up. Our multi-color glowing flashing light up gloves are perfect for kids birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, toys for girls, toys for boys, costume accessories, Halloween lights, Christmas gifts, dance costumes, ice skating costumes, roller skating lights, hockey lights, kids games, school events, and even Thanksgiving gifts for kids. Grab something different gifts for kids today!

Finn is made from 6 recycled, cleaned and shredded plastic bottles. When pressed, Finn plays the authentic dolphin sound.
Finn is DOLPHINITELY concerned about the state of Our Oceans. His arch enemy are plastic straws. He worries about how they don't biodegrade and many of them ending up in Our Oceans. Help Finn to keep plastics out of Our Oceans.

Stomp Rocket ultra LED is 100% kid powered: run, jump and stomp to launch these rockets up to 150 feet in the air! click to turn on the powerful LED light inside, and these stomp rockets will really shine in the night sky, so it’s fun to play outdoors after dusk and on Gloomy days too. Light up the night with vibrant color. The LED lights inside these rockets make them bright enough to double as a flashlight! Stomp Rocket ultra LED is strong and durable, and great for active, outdoor play. Stomp rockets have won lots of awards from industry experts, including iParenting media, Dr. Toy and creative child Magazine. Includes a stomp launcher and 4 foam-tipped ultra stomp rockets with bright LED lights inside.

From Shark Tank to a worldwide craze, The Comfy is a family run business that creates products to keep you warm in the home or on the go. Featured on Good Morning America, The View, POPSUGAR, The Huffington Post, Bustle & more, it’s no surprise why The Comfy has the world excited! It doesn’t drag on the floor, slip off, has a hood & pocket, & is machine washable. Good luck getting them out of the coziness!

The Ultimate SLIMYGLOOP kit is an extreme sensory experience that includes over 250 accessories to create a wide variety of SLIMYGLOOP creations! Simply mix the ingredients to create an ooey, gooey compound that’s fun to squish, squeeze stretch and twist. Create ten fun SLIMYGLOOP themes including cloud, confetti, glow-in-the-dark, rainbow, butter and more! Design eye-catching effects when you add texture with beads, sand, sequins, shimmery glitter, and colorful dyes! Experiment with the ingredients to create any type of SLIMYGLOOP you can imagine.

Easy-to-Knot Burger & Fries kit! Knot together the burger patty and buns, then add a slice of cheese and sesame seeds as a finishing touch. Bring your burger to life with cute kawaii face stickers! Knot together a set of fries to match and set on display.

With the It's So Me Personalized Light Box you can create your own unique light up messages! Have hours of fun decorating and customizing messages with the 300 included repositionable accessories. You get colored light box strips, multiple colored letters, number and symbols, stickers, glitter tape, gemstones, blank customizable sheets and more!

Game and learn with a TWIST! Four sides of buttons, spinners, sliders and switches provide a unique play experience that’s perfectly paired with exciting video games. Preloaded games teach a variety of core skills including literacy, math, problem solving, science and creativity. Play with three adorable digital pets and nurture them to grow. Game packs (sold separately) include more games, plus a new digital pet and a RockIt Pet figure to match. Twist, turn, play and learn!

Dig into role-play fun with the Scoop & Play Digger™. Toddlers enjoy put-and-take play, and this digger delights as it scoops up objects and pushes them out again. The excavator arm drops the play pieces into the hatch, and the digger counts them from one to ten. Five pieces are included – a rock, gold bars, bricks, wooden logs and pipes – and they all store neatly inside the toy. Three play modes encourage movement and pretend play. Children can press five light-up buttons to learn about colors and numbers in Learning mode, listen to songs in Music mode or hear interactive phrases and questions in Quiz mode.

Use glowing foam swords to battle friends, foes and family. With twenty eight glowing game pieces, the kit is designed for playing 10 organized games such as Gladiators, Knights of Old, Vampires and more!

My Audio Pet is a unique line of speakers that are designed to look like you and your kids’ favorite animals. These fun-size speakers produce great sound and make for great stocking stuffers. There is a wide range of different animals to choose from, and two speakers can be paired together for a True Wireless Stereo effect. In addition to the original speaker, the Splash! line features waterproof speakers designed as adorable ocean-dwellers like "Rocktopod the Octopus" and "Narmony the Narwhal." These are perfect for making bathtime fun.

Codi is an adorable, AI-enabled storytelling robot for children. Created and developed by Pillar Learning, Codi gives children ages 12 months and up an interactive and unforgettable audio experience while giving them a break from the screen. Codi’s antenna and ears light up and change colors while it plays a free library of over 200 fully curated, classic songs and stories, content that is customizable based on age and interests.

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It’s always hard to figure out what to get kids. It seems like they have everything so trying to get them something unique can be a trial. BUT… I have some great gifts that are guaranteed to both make those kids happy and won’t be duplicate presents under the tree!

Brands include: