Weight Watchers is a great program because it's not really a diet - you don't limit any specific food intake, you just watch your portions and count points. Doing Weight Watchers for FREE is even better. Free Weight Watchers saves me time (no meetings!) and cash. The old program is called Momentum, while the newer program (2014) is called PointsPlus. Pick one program and stick with it. Do not try to mix the two. If you're not sure where to start, try Weight Watchers Simple Start first. View the official Weight Watchers site for more information on their program. Be sure to PIN THIS POST to your Weight Watchers Board!   Be sure to check out the Ultimate Weight Watchers Recipes Collection - it's a FREE resource with TONS of WW recipes! Weight Watchers for FREE Weight Watchers is very basic. First, find out how many points you get. Second, calculate how many points each food is that you eat. Drink water and exercise. Easy peasy. I'm starting PointsPlus this week just to see how I do with it. Limiting and counting calories can get boring, plus I hit a plateau, so it's time to switch it up a bit. The PointsPlus program's focus is on “Power Foods”. This is basically the same as Filling Foods and the CORE Foods. Think lean proteins, fruits/veggies, healthy whole grains, healthy fats, WHOLE FOODS, not processed, etc. (Source) The biggest (and best) change for me, from Momentum to PointsPlus is: ALL Fruits & vegetables are now 0 points (except starchy vegetables and avocado)! As a vegetarian, that's a HUGE deal to me. That means I get even more food! 🙂 Below are some frequently asked questions, and all the details you'll need to get started on Weight Watchers for free! On regular Weight Watchers, you get 35 EXTRA WEEKLY points.. to use whenever, where ever! Thats right, you get an extra 35 points to spread out through the week. Use it for the business lunch you have to attend, for your birthday, anniversary, or whatever. Be sure you track these so you don't go OVER. If you're doing PointsPlus, you get 49! Activity Tracker Important Tip: Be sure to eat ALL of your points for the day! You have that many points for a reason. Make healthy food choices, get lots of exercise in, and drink your water. How do I know how many PointsPlus I get each day? Simple: Use this PointsPlus Calculator. I get 43 points (245 pounds, 6'2", 28 years old). Note: This number will go down as you lose weight, so recalculate often. How do I know how many PointsPlus a food is? Easy peasy. Use the PointsPlus Food Calculator. Important Tip: Always eat breakfast!   Good Health Guidelines The Cheat Sheet I found says a good guideline is: 5 servings of fruits & veggies 2 servings of milk products 6 glasses of "liquids" 2 tsp healthy oils 1-2 servings of lean protein 1 multivitamin a day Choose Whole Grains when possible At least 30 minutes of activity a day most days of the week Limit sugar and alcoholLimiting alcohol is easy for me (I don't drink), but sugar? Ugh. I always forget to take my multivitamin, too. If you write down the list above, stick it on your refrigerator so you will know what you should do. I also recommend 8 glasses of water, not "6 glasses of liquids".Important Tip: Drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water each day.   How do I calculate PointsPlus on the go? There's an app for that! Just search "Points Calculator" or "Weight Watchers" in iTunes. The newer app is $.99 I believe, but totally worth it! Important Tip: Get off your butt! Exercise for 30 minutes a day. How do I keep track of it all? Get a small notebook and use it as a food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink. Important Tip: Log it all! What about Exercise? Exercise is SO important! If you don't have the time/energy/whatever to get to the gym, simply walking a few miles each day is a great start. The majority of my exercise is simply walking. Check out these must-have apps for walkers/joggers before you hit the pavement! Important Tip: Use the resources you have available to you to make sticking with the plan much easier. You can do Weight Watchers for free in the comfort of your own home, and join ME in losing weight! Helpful Resources 50 Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes Best Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes Ultimate Weight Watchers Recipe Guide 50 Fast Food Options -All Under 8 Points Free Guide to Weight Watchers Simple Start 14 Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan (FREE) Generic Food List (with PointsPlus values) #1 Generic Food List (with PointsPlus values) #2 Weight Watchers Restaurant Points List 50 Ways to Make Weight Watchers Work for You Be sure to check out the Ultimate Weight Watchers Recipes Collection - it's a FREE resource with TONS of WW recipes!

When I got started on Poshmark I wasn't sure what all of these terms meant. I would have been so helpful to have a list to refer to but I couldn't find one - so I made one! Add your own in the comments! Poshmark terms and what they mean Comps Comparable value. This is what you should expect to get for an item.  BOLO Be on the lookout. Hot brands that sell quick but sometimes hard to find.  OTL  Offer to likers. When someone likes an item you can send an offer of at least 10% off the listed price plus a shipping discount.  ENL - Edit, Next, List Some think that doing this instead of sharing can boost algorithms and show your item to more people.  Deathpile Items you haven’t listed. Rather, items you are procrastinating about listing.  Bins  Goodwill Outlet. The outlet is called “the bins” because all of the goods are in big blue bins that you need to sift through to find stuff. Plus side is it’s all usually sold by the pound or for very very low prices.  Love Note An optional review. Only reviews that are 5 stars show to the public.  CCO - Closet Clear Out Poshmark has some days where a closet clear out is promoted, sometimes with incentives to random sellers. You lower your listing price by at least 10% to entice buyers.  NWT New With Tags. No flaws and tags attached. EUC Excellent Used Condition. Basically the item needs to look like it did when it was brand new but tags aren't attached. GUC Good Used Condition. Maybe went through a wash or two and has no holes or other visible signs of wear. UA Urban Outfitters (brand) WHBM White House Black Market (brand) Anthro Anthropologie (brand/store) Comment below with more terms to add and any questions you may have! if you are new to Poshmark you can get a credit for shopping by using code CAROLRESELLS 😀

So you want to get started selling on Poshmark? I began selling earlier this year and haven't looked back! Not only is it fun and exciting when you sell something, but the Poshmark community is one of the most supportive around. One of the biggest reasons for this is that there is no major competition because we all have different things to sell and different experiences.  In 6 months I have sold over 200 items and have made nearly $4000 dollars by selling some of my own wardrobe as well as thrifted pieces. I have learned so much in these first 6 months that I wanted to share! You can shop my closet right here! There's so much information going around about what to do and what not to do when you are starting out as well as what to expect. Here are 6 tips for your new Poshmark venture! Get up to $10 CREDIT when you sign up! Use code CAROLRESELLS  6 Tips To Getting Started on Poshmark Expect to invest time in the beginning Building up your closet is a time-consuming process. You will need to photograph, edit, upload, look for comps (what the pieces have sold for in the past to price accordingly) describe, and list your products. Get as many as you can up at once to get that closet stocked because you won't sell it if it's not listed! You don't need fancy equipment for taking pictures All you need is your phone, a clean white wall that gets good light, and a Command Hook to hang your garments and take your pics. Take SQUARE photos of the front, back, any flaws, tags, and measurements (if possible). Measurements are armpit to armpit, shoulder to hem, and waist on most garments. I have some great apps that I use for editing my photos: STORE Camera (Free) PicTapGo ($2.99) Lightroom (Free) All of these apps are available for Android and IOS and are super easy to use! Just make sure your photos are crisp, clear, bright, and the color is as accurate as possible.  Figure out how much your item is worth This is actually easier than you think! Simply go to the app on your phone (or website on laptop/desktop) and search for the designer/brand. Then under filter choose the item type (dress, jeans, shoes, etc), color, and filter by sold items. You can dig deeper using keywords like "silk" or "wrap dress" as well as size. Don't forget to check out condition too . The sold prices are called "comps" which means comparable value. find a good median between the highest and lowest price sold and that should be good! Don't find the exact item? Look for something similar, paying special attention the the brand. Keep in mind Poshmark takes 20% of your sale for items over $15 or $2.95 for items $15 or less. Poshmark will collect funds from the buyer and hold them until the buyer accepts or 3 days has passed since the item was delivered.Then you can get your money either via direct deposit (usually next day but it depends on your bank) or via mailed check. ALSO - set your price a little higher (20%-30% above the lowest offer you will take) so that you have wiggle room with offers. Time to list Listing is really easy. I prefer to do it from my phone but desktop works too. From your phone: Click the camera icon in the bottom bar Upload your edited photos (up to 8) Choose a cover photo - the best one to show off what you are selling Filter - I prefer no filter but that's up to you. Most users will not choose a filter. Choose a descriptive title that includes the brand, color, style, and a descriptive keyword or two if you can fit it. Example: "Free People Boho Asymmetrical Cream Mini Dress" Description should be very descriptive - sleeve style, heel height, measurements if you want to include them, size, and fabric as well as any other keywords that can describe the item as this will be used in searches on both Poshmark and Google: "Cute and flirty mini dress from Free People. 100% cotton with lace edging detail at the handkerchief hem and neckline. Scoop neck and cap sleeves. Measures approximately 18" from armpit to armpit and 28" from shoulder to hem. Cream/ecru. Hippie style looks great with ankle boots! Gently worn with no obvious signs of wear. See photos."   Select size, style, color, brand, and if you know the original price. If not put $0 (you must put a price in that field). Your selling price can be a bit above what the lowest you will take (about 20%-25% higher) to make room for price drops and offers. Then click list and it's for sale! If you start a listing but can't finish it to go live you can hit "cancel" then "save draft". To access drafts later go to list and in the photo upload field you'll see a drafts option.  Sharing is important but prioritize your closet first The two keys to having success on the Poshmark app are listing and sharing. Of course within those two tasks are best practices in how to do them effectively. I outlined above the basics of listing, but now comes sharing.  Sharing your own closet is much more important than sharing other closets and you need to prioritize YOUR closet before anyone else. You should strive for about 1000 shares a day. this sounds like a lot, but it really isn't that much work. Of course this depends on the size of your closet too - try to share small closets 5-10 times a day and large closets (150 or more listings) at least twice a day. I find mid-morning and after dinner works for me.  How to share: Go to your closet.  Under each listing you will see an icon that looks like two arrows in a square. Click and a new window pops up that says "to my followers". Click that. Boom you have shared your listing! Sharing your closet is important for a few reasons. For one, it shares to everyone who follows you. But more importantly it brings your listing to the top of the search feed. So if you share a Free People Dress it will push that listing up to the top in the "Free People" category as well as the "dresses" category. Keep in mind that when you share your closet it will ONLY go to your followers once per hour no matter how many times you share but it will continually push the listing to the top of category feeds. You can also share to parties - there are several per day for specific brands or categories. Every night there is also a general category that you can share everything to. You can only share your listing once per party.  Sharing other closets is essentially a courtesy to other Poshers. It will help them a bit only if you have a larger following, but I have found it doesn't help me too much when I get shares from other closets. I will reciprocate shares when I can but I don't really stress about it. Of course it's always nice to get to know your other Poshers through their closets and sharing when you can is a great way to do this. I have found pieces I ended up purchasing because I shared other closet listings.  Keep in mind - Poshmark is set up more like a search engine and less like a social platform. While getting to know your fellow Poshers is great and very helpful, I find that doing this off of the platform in Facebook groups or Instagram hashtags is a much better way to communicate with other sellers. Get up to $10 CREDIT when you sign up! Use code CAROLRESELLS  A few other things to remember... Offer To Likers is a GREAT tool for clearing out your closet. You will need to offer at least 10% off PLUS a shipping discount. Some sellers send offers daily, some weekly, some not at all. I have done daily and weekly and personally haven't seen a major difference, so I tend to keep with a daily on items that have new likes to them (see your News feed to check those likes). Answer questions in a timely manner. Keeping the communication open will help with your sales! Don't ignore those comments, if you can't answer a question within a few hours respond with a time frame that you will be able to answer.  Don't be rude. I can't believe I have to say this but I have seen and heard horror stories about sellers being rude to buyers or comments. Just don't.  Don't stress about returns. Poshmark does not allow returns for fit but will allow a return for misrepresentation. Buyer found a flaw that you didn't disclose? They may open a case and request a return. You may respond if you disagree, but it's ultimately up to Poshmark to decide. I have always had the mentality of "be nice". Put yourself in your buyer's shoes. Most aren't trying to pull a fast one. If a buyer is rude to you keep calm and professional.  SHIPPING - I will have a whole other post on shipping but the main thing I can tell you is to ship within 2 days and protect the garment in a plastic bag. You can pretty up your packages but that's not necessary. You can get free shipping supplies from USPS. Hopefully these things will help you in your Poshmark journey, or at the very least get you started. I would love to hear your questions and what else you'd like to know o leave those comments below!  

*Out of respect for the victims there will be no names in this article.  Early November last year I got something in the mail.. A jury summons. I rolled my eyes and thought of ways to get out of it. That's the natural thing to do right? I had been called before but each time have gotten lucky and wasn't actually called in for selection or my current job didn't pay for me to be away. I figured this time would be the same.  But I was wrong. I, along with close to 300 other citizens were called in on a cold December morning, 7am, bright and early. Well, not bright - it was still dark out as I made my way from the parking structure to the courthouse.  When I got into the jury room I sat there and watched Netflix while I waited for my number to be called. One movie and 4 episodes of Friends later my number was called to head up to a court room and get interviewed. 43 other prospective jurors lined up with me. Prior to being called I filled out a quick questionnaire. I must have done something right in the court's eyes because I was immediately seated in the jurors box and didn't move for 3 days. Other jurors had excuses for not being able to stay - childcare, work, one guy even had to DJ his company Christmas party. I had nothing. My kids were taken care of, my work was done, I had the rest of the week cleared just in case I had to stay. The case was regarding a domestic assault. Actually - 8 counts of assault in first and second degree. They were all sexual in nature but I will spare the details for the sake of the parties involved and the potential trigger warnings this may give my readers. I kept an open mind as I listened to the prosecuting attorney, defense, and witnesses. I have a daughter and I wanted to hear the stories of the witnesses. But I also have a son and would never want him to be wrongfully accused in such a horrific way. I wanted to see that the judicial system was fair to both defendant and plaintiffs. But as the days went on there was more and more evidence against the defendant.  It was very obvious to see that the women that were hurt were telling the truth, that the defendant casually denied allegations and even lied under oath, a fact proven by the prosecutor. Because of that we as jurors can dismiss anything else he says whether it be on the stand or in taped interviews. And it was partially because of this - but mostly due to the testimonies of the witnesses - that he was found guilty. It ended up reminding me that most of the time a woman who is assaulted is telling the truth.  Back in January I decided to go to the sentencing on the urging of the judge after the trial. I wanted to see someone who got away with deplorable behavior for so long get what he deserved. I wanted to see the relief of the women he hurt. I wanted to know that my decision and the decision of the other 11 sitting with me was the right one. In my heart I believe it was.  The prosecuting attorney read an emotional joint statement from the victims. He responded with silence. He had no statement. He just stared straight ahead.   He was sentenced to 50 years in prison with no chance of parole. The satisfaction of finally hearing a predator get what he deserved was felt among most of the room. The anguish of his family and their new normal was also felt. But him? He didn't respond. He didn't show remorse. He sat there with no emotion before the officers brought him back to his cell. Was he in denial or resigned to the fact that his new home had concrete walls? Sex abuse has been going on for way too long and not being acknowledged. Women are assaulted daily by the men who say they love them and apologize afterward. The person who was found guilty was only prosecuted because one victim spoke up. But for every one that speaks up there are at least 5 more that stay silent.   

Los Angeles is not always an expensive city to hang around and take delight in. Some activities and places within the big city are entirely for free. These include live summer performances from very good concert artists, viewing of museums and many physical attractions. When it comes to activities, LA has all it takes to make your day memorable. Take a walk in one of Los Angeles peculiar boardwalk popularly known as Venice Ocean Front Walk. Within the ocean you will find sand sculptures, college artists, performance artist, street hustlers and bodybuilders. They is no doubt this ocean place is one of the best places in LA for people-watching. The east side of the boardwalk is graced with souvenir shops, restaurants and residences. On the other side of the boardwalk you would find people orderly lining up to get a feel of fortune tellers and very good performance artist. Off cause each one of these will have their personal agenda especially that of money hunting and making quick cash. As you stroll along the boardwalk you can come across a chainsaw juggler,  roller skaters with an electric guitar, and a fire juggling performer. This therefore becomes one of the most exciting things to do in Los Angeles. If you feel that what you have saw is not enough try surfing, swimming, basket ball, hand ball and bodybuilding. If you are taking are walk and turn to find out that you really love to watch a hand ball game being played you can easily grab a seat in the bleachers to watch the game, after all the handball courts are located right next to the board walk. You can be part of a television game show, were you play to win cash and prizes on the television. The open castings and auditions are held year round in Los Angeles for some television’s most popular game shows, therefore if you can join and be one of the contestants what you simply need to know are the procedures for the television show and carefully follow the directions to win. The best way to prepare for the auditions is to watch the show. Know how the game is played and what it takes to win. Remember most of the game show producers seek out visitors so you have a bigger chance of performing. If you simply want to be an audience on any of the game shows, they is nothing to worry about tickets are for free but must be obtained in advance. To all who are in love with nature, you can get a chance of meeting with the Tree people, a Los Angeles based non profit organization that has helped spearhead ecotourism industry in the city by planting and caring for trees whilst at the same time educating people about the importance of trees to the environment. If you love Arts and Culture then explore Los Angeles' architectural treasures which date from the late 19th century to early 20th century as well as more recent additions. Take time to view for free LA area murals, these city treasures tell stories of the cultural past, present and future, of the hopes and dreams of the city of Angels. Visitors can find many of Los Angeles murals in Metro Stations. Even without money Los Angeles can be a place to enjoy and have fun.

Imagine my excitement when I opened my email to find a message that Paramount Pictures wanted me to come to New York City to visit the set of Clifford the Big Red Dog coming to theaters November 2020.... Now think about how thrilled I was that the invitation included my husband and kids... Yes, I was jumping up and down with excitement over it! A week later we were on a plane to the Big Apple to experience something not many others can say they've done. This was the second time my family had been to New York together and the first time my twins and husband got to be on a live movie set. Clifford has been a classic in my family since the kids were babies. We loved reading about Emily Elizabeth and her adventures with her gigantic red dog Clifford. To find out that a live action film was coming is thrilling to my family.  The set that we checked out was Emily's New York apartment. I love how in movies and TV apartments in NYC are the size of my house, but in reality most are half that size. The kids were enamored with how it was all so different than how you see it on the big screen. The rooms had open ceilings for camera work, outside of the windows were fake facades of the city. Lights and equipment littered the set. The bathroom didn't have a wall! While we were there we got to watch a scene get filmed with actors Jack Whitehall and Darby Camp (Uncle Casey and Emily Elizabeth). I can't tell you what the scene was just yet but it was fun to watch and gave us a feel for the mood of the film. We also got to meet and talk with Jack & Darby as well as Isaac Wang who plays Emily's best friend Owen in the film. They were absolutely delightful but more on our chats later! We also got to speak with producer Jordan Kerner who offered a lot of great information on how the film came into production and what to expect. Stay tuned for details! All in all the set visit was like a dream. I loved how interested Dylan and Riley were in everything. Dylan had an in-depth conversation with a sound technician who explained every aspect of how sound works. Riley left asking to take acting lessons and telling me she wants to be just like Darby Camp. I know it was an experience they will never forget and when we see the movie next November they will be so excited to know that they were there. Clifford the Big Red Dog is scheduled for theaters November 13 2020 Man's best friend becomes his biggest one too as everyone's favorite 25-foot-tall pup, "Clifford the Big Red Dog," comes to the big screen in an all-new, live-action/animated comedy-adventure. Scholastic Media’s Deborah Forte will produce the film that is based on Scholastic’s best-selling book series by Norman Bridwell that has entertained families for generations.