I have never been to a hotel like 21c Museum Hotel in Oklahoma City. I have heard of the 21c Museum Hotels - there are 8 nationwide with 3 more opening soon. But I had never stayed in one.  21c is unlike any other hotel I have encountered. It's cool, modern, and has new surprises wherever you turn. Plus the 21c Hotel in Oklahoma City has purple penguins... I'll get into the penguins and the reason behind them in a moment, for now let me tell you about this concept hotel that showcases art... Building upon a strong foundation and a rich industrial heritage, 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City is a contemporary art museum, a 135-room boutique hotel with spacious guest rooms reminiscent of a loft apartment in New York’s Soho neighborhood, a cultural civic center and the home of Mary Eddy’s Kitchen x Lounge, led by executive chef Jason Campbell. The spacious guest rooms feature high ceilings and large steel windows, offering expansive views and abundant daylight. The custom-designed furniture and luxurious beds provide a comfortable respite from the vibrant public spaces of the museum and restaurant. -21C Website The rooms as mentioned were spacious. I had the opportunity to stay in both a single and a suite while there (thank you again to 21c for accommodating my last minute travel issues!). The single room was set up like a loft apartment - huge bed, sitting area, and bathroom with shower. The modern feel made me think of New York City, which is fitting because NYC architecture firm Deborah Berke Partners designs the space to not only give a contemporary ambiance but also highlight the industrial heritage of the building which was once home to Fred Jones Dealership, a fondly thought of landmark in OKC. In fact the entire area around 21c is dedicated to Fred Jones.   The suite reminded me of a studio apartment in Soho. Huge living room space, luxurious bathroom in the middle of the space, and floor to ceiling windows to let that Oklahoma light in no matter the time of day. Because this is a corner room these windows spanned two huge walls.  Let's talk about these penguins... In every 21c Museum Hotel there is a penguin theme. Arkansas has green penguins, Cincinnati has yellow, Oklahoma City has purple...  These penguins were originally designed by Cracking Art as a street art project in Venice. 21c founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson saw these whimsical creatures and purchased the red penguins for the Louisville location and they became a hit. While the penguins weren't meant to be a permanent fixture at first, the public began associating them with 21c Museum Hotels and the penguins have an everlasting home in all of the hotels.  The great thing about the penguins is that they are easy to pick up and move. They are made of hollow vinyl so you can take one to dinner, bring one up to your room. and place them in various hiding spots throughout the property. We decided we needed a penguin in our suite so this guy hung out with us.  I would definitely highly recommend checking out 21c Museum Hotel next time you are in Oklahoma City or any of the metropolitan city that have one. The museum is always free to the public and you just might find a penguin to bond with. You can book a room at www.21cmuseumhotels.com or call direct at 844-982-6900. Prices are surprisingly affordable for the experience you receive with 21c Museum Hotel.  Thank you to 21c Museum Hotel for providing lodging in exchange for a a review. All opinions are my own.     

  I have a confession to make. Last fall right after school started both of my children came home with lice. Not just regular lice - super lice. It was awful. Just when I thought I had a hold of it all I noticed my daughter scratching her head and got to do it all over again. But I did learn some valuable lessons through my lice endeavors.  First off, let's talk about super lice. They look like normal lice, they aren't any bigger or browner or have capes or anything like that. The difference between regular lice and super lice is that they are resistant to traditional lice treatments. I know. Like I said, it's awful. These suckers just don't want to die... So eradicating them via means other than chemicals is necessary.  My first step in lice removal was to run to the store and grab some lice treatment which essentially did nothing. I tried suffocating them with shower caps. I put tea tree oil in the kids shampoo. These things did some damage but didn't fully kill them, but I will tell you how to kill lice that just won't die. Strip all of the bed sheets and wash with an additive such as Launder Lice. Use the longest cycle your washing machine has.Use the hottest dryer setting you can use. Grab all of those non-washable items like stuffed animals, pillows, etc and tie them up tightly into plastic garbage bags and throw those into your garage for 2 weeks. Use that Launder Lice booster in every single load of laundry for the next 10 days.  Use an electric lice comb on the kids. You can pick up a RobiComb at CVS and use it on dry hair. I LOVE these because they zap those nasty lice and it's not chemicals. To use on long hair you just have your child flip their head over and start at the back. The comb lets you know when you have a louse, then you can brush it into a bowl of soapy water. Super easy and no mess. Next, use an electric lice comb to kill lice on the kids. What I did was use a lice shampoo and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then I rinsed it out and applied some conditioner. Using a lice comb with long tines that are close together, comb through the hair, rinsing the comb after each pass. Rinse the hair thoroughly after you are done. This will help get all of those loose eggs and let them go down the drain where they belong. Do this for at least 10 days! Every other day is fine! Honestly, don't waste your money on the chemical kits, because in my personal opinion they just don't work well. well. I hope these tips and tricks helped show you and your family how to kill lice and eradicate those suckers once and for all! All items mentioned can be found at your local CVS, Walmart, and other retailers or online. Thank you to LiceGuard for sponsoring this post  

I am a big fan of bath bombs and their relaxation properties. I love the effervescent bubbly effect and then once they are dissolved I am transported to a new frame of mind via scent and softness. Now there is something on the market that goes above and beyond just relaxation.  Warfighter bath bombs are made with CBD hemp oil. These bath bombs are created to not only relax the body, but to help stabilize the mood through the CBD receptors within your skin. It's a proven fact that CBD oil helps suppress inflammatory and neuropathic pain*. In fact I use it to calm my anxiety and it works well. Having this in a bath bomb only makes it more enjoyable.  Warfighter Hemp is comprised of veterans and non-veterans who believe in providing an alternative to the reality that many veterans are faced with – a cocktail of prescription painkillers and zombie dope. Our mission is to provide veterans and non-veterans with a holistic and natural alternative to those “drugs.” We are a worldwide organization with representatives and ambassadors around the globe. We give 50% of our profits give back to other charities that support veteran’s independence.  -Warfighter Hemp Website Here's some information on the bath bombs from Warfighter Hemp: Our bath bombs are created to not only relax the body, but to help stabilize the mood through the CBD receptors within your skin. One bath bomb contains 35mg of active Cannabidiol Leaves your skin feeling smooth Plant-based ingredients Our hemp is locally & organically grown in Colorado The Viper bath bomb is a lemongrass kiwi fragrance with a coconut oil base, incorporating Hawaiian black salt and neroli essential oil. Soothe your inner soul with this bomb that will clear your head and reduce stress with its natural anxiety remedy. Prowler is a shea butter oil featuring Himalayan pink salt and helchrysum & bergamot essential oil. Drink in the citrus aroma and the bath bomb replenishes much-needed moisture. It’s a natural remedy for eczema, itchiness and redness while relieving inflammation. Hornet is a fresh bamboo aroma featuring coconut oil and ylang-ylang essential oil. This natural romance booster increases libido while inducing relaxation for a good night’s sleep. For sore muscles, check out Thud, which features Epsom salt with wintergreen & peppermint essential oil. For sensitive skin, this bomb has multiple antioxidative and pain-reduction properties with a fresh eucalyptus and peppermint fragrance. I will say from personal use I found that my mood lightened and I felt much more relaxed after using the bath bombs. My skin felt smoother and softer and the scent (Lemongrass Kiwi) was transcendent. I also love the way they look. The blue with the gold accent is absolutely beautiful, isn't it? You can find Warfighter Hemp Bath Bombs exclusively warfighterhemp.com. 50% of all profits support veteran's charities (find out more here). *Journal of Experimental Medicine, June 4 2012 Thank you to Warfighter Hemp for partnering with me. All opinions are my own. 

  When I visited Oklahoma City last month I was expecting a lot of barbecue and comfort food. Boy has OKC changed it's culinary palate! While, yes, barbecue is present in the city, the community has adopted a wide array of fresh farm-to-table delights and artisan dishes that dance on your tongue. I went to some of the best spots in OKC and if you are even in town I highly recommend checking them out. Click on the link to jump to that section: Barrio's Mexican Restaurant Stitch Cafe & Plant Shoppe Pie Junkie The Jones Assembly The Train Shed at Mary Eddy's Barrio's Mexican Restaurant 1000 N Hudson St If you are looking for Mexican food with a twist look no further than Barrio's on North Hudson. Their dishes have an authenticity to traditional fare but with wonderful twists, like apple-jicama slaw on the fish taco. Try the Cactus Fruit Slushie for a cool summer cocktail and be sure to order the Queso Fundido with handmade flour tortillas. Open for lunch and dinner. Stitch Cafe + Plant Shoppe 835 W Sheridan Ave If you are looking for a quiet ambiance with organic dishes and coffee to die for you should try Stitch Cafe + Plant Shoppe. With two locations - one in West Village and one in Bricktown, Stitch Cafe was created by husband and wife team, Chad Grubbs + Jen Semmler Grubbs and every detail is designed to be a holistic gathering spot for food and drink enthusiasts. At the West Village location you can get breakfast, lunch, or dinner and drinks in a cool breezy atmosphere, complete with a lovely plant shoppe and cozy bar area. The minimalist approach to decor is echoed in the clean organic menu. Try the French Toast Challah and don't forget a cup of freshly brewed coffee to wash it down.  Pie Junkie 1711 NW 16th St    Pie Junkie is a hidden-yet-well-known gem in the Plaza District and is a MUST for visitors and locals alike. All of the pies are hand-made using fresh ingredients right there in the tiny shop. In fact, Pie Junkie makes an average of 20,000 pies per year! You won't be disappointed in in anything you choose, but my favorites are Macadamia Key Lime, Strawberry Rhubarb, and the ever-popular Drunken Turtle which is a rich and decadent chocolate and bourbon caramel with a graham cracker crust. You can even order online!  The Jones Assembly 901 W Sheridan Ave The Jones Assembly is well known in Oklahoma City for featuring live music and amazing food. From house bands to celebs like Willie Nelson and Dwight Yoakam have come through Jones Assembly at one time or another. It's a great spot for people watching, and music but also perfect for a mid-morning brunch. The candied bacon is a must-have if you are a carnivore and definitely get the scratch biscuits for your table.  Train Shed at Mary Eddy's 900 W Main St The Train Shed is officially open at Mary Eddy's on West Main, adjacent to 21c Museum Hotel. Listen to some live music by local bands such as 100 Bones Band or play a game or two of ping pong at the concrete tables. One of OKC's most prolific mural artists Denise Duong created the fence mural that runs part of the perimeter of the space in her signature style (her work can be seen all over the city) and it's a perfect backdrop for an evening out with friends. Try one of their signature drinks such as The New Girl or The Story Within and nosh on some amazing appetizers like the Mac & Cheese which is topped with Ritz cracker crumbs.    Thank you to Visit OKC for facilitating this trip. All opinions are my own. 

Father's Day is nearly here and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to give my husband something he really wants. We’ve rounded up a list of things that any dad would be happy to get, from a multi-tool that fits on his key chain to a hoodie that warms up. There's even things for dads of dogs. Check out my top picks for Father's Day this year.  

Thank you to Visit OKC for facilitating this trip. All experiences and opinions are my own.  So if you know me you will know I am not much of a camping girl. My friends often tease me about it and my husband jokes about how I would not last more than an hour in the open air.  I AM however an advocate of glamping. You know, the camping and the outside and the s'mores BUT sleeping in a real bed and showering in a real shower? That's my kind of camping. And that's the kind of camping I got to do at Orr Family Farm in Oklahoma City. While I was in OKC I had the pleasure of staying in a Conestoga Wagon for the first time in my life and totally can't wait to do it again.  Fueled by his love of Oklahoma and his desire to provide a friendly and educational environment for children and families of all ages, Dr. Glenn Orr and his family started construction on the Orr Family Farm in 2003 and opened for their first season in 2004. The Orr Family Farm is a spectacular family-friendly getaway located within the heart of Oklahoma City. The Farm offers a variety of rides, activities, educational opportunities, birthday parties, weddings and corporate events and of course delicious food and treats. While I was there with my girls Nicky, Melissa, and Jana we got a chance to take a full tour of the farms. The farms themselves are only open part of the year (and have become a staple in OKC during Halloween with pumpkin patches, playgrounds, and even zombie paintball) but the wagons and special occasion & events are available year round. From getting lost in a corn maze to playing Farmin' Foosball (a life size human version of the game!) to pedal car races there's so much to do during the open times.  We got a chance to sample some of the finest edible cookie dough I have had courtesy of Dr. Orr. It was sugary and decadent and the addition of Braum's Vanilla Ice Cream just enhanced it. Seriously I could have eaten it all day long....  The Conestoga Wagons are such a great way to experience the outdoors without bringing all of your camping gear. Our glamping wagon had air conditioning, plush beds, and a private bathroom. We also had access to the Signature Swim Spa (and took part in it of course!).   S’mores over the campfire and Glamping in @orrfamilyfarm Conestoga Wagons. Could there be anything better? #HipstoricOvernights #SeeOKC @VisitOKC Mediapartner - with @LifeSheHas @ConsumerQueen @whiskynsunshine pic.twitter.com/ctzY25HOPV — Lil Family Adventure (@LilFamAdventure) May 31, 2019 We ended our night with some S'mores by the campfire which is included when you book a wagon. Sitting out and chatting about life without the use of electronics was a perfect way to end our day at the farms... The next day we wandered around for a bit in the Zombie Apocalypse Paintball area. It was spooky with the old broken down school bus and the giant "Walkers" block. Very reminiscent of The Walking Dead... Orr Family Farm is located at 14400 S. Western Ave, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Hours of operation vary based on the time of the year but private events, weddings and overnight lodging in the new Conestoga wagons are available year-round. Call Orr Family Farm with any questions at (405) 799-FARM