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If you haven't seen the trailer yet - where have you been? With over 289 million views in the first 24 hours the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame became the most viewed trailer in history.  So of course I needed to dissect it for clues.  Here's what you may have missed in the new Avengers: Endgame 2 minute and 25 second trailer: Tony Stark is recording a goodbye love letter to Pepper Potts in Peter Quill's ship The Benatar as is sails through space. BUT he's NOT ALONE - in one cut you can see the blue hand of Nebula touching (presumably) Tony's shoulder. She also stands in the blurred background at one point.  Thanos still has the Infinity Gauntlet on his hand as he walks through his crops. Is this because he doesn't want to remove it or he can't remove it? Hey who's ship is this? I am assuming it's the one that Captain America and Black Widow use to save the universe. It's definitely an M ship, right? What are your thoughts? Captain America has not only gotten a haircut and a shave, but he's also wearing his Winter Soldier uniform. Has he cleaned up to go back in time and blend in? Shuri is presumed missing as her image flashes on the screen right before Peter Parker's image. Guys, we don't know if she got dusted. We only know that during the battle in Wakanda the lab she was in began to crumble as she fought her way out.  Thor's eye isn't looking so good... btw he's also at Avenger's HQ with Bruce Banner and Black Widow based on the scene progression and the wall behind him. Let's go back to Nebula. As she touches the shoulder of *someone* Captain America's voiceover says "We lost friends". The shoulder and the partial face shown (very little), indicates it's a man. If she's indeed on the ship with Tony is this her saying goodbye to him since he's run out of resources? Or is he already dead when lightly grazes the shoulder because that person isn't moving? Hawkeye is back as Cap's voiceover says "we lost family", indicating his family is indeed gone. He's in Japan and just slayed 3 bad guys. Oh, and he's now Ronin, following the comic book storyline. In the comics he avenges the death of his family by killing the Ultimates traitor, Black Widow, so it's interesting to me that she's the one who meets him in Japan. Also, does his being in Japan and Black Panther Japan ties have anything to do with each other? (sidenote - dammit Jeremy Renner stop being so damn sexy.) The device Captain looks at which holds Peggy Carter's newspaper image is the same compass he held in Captain America: The First Avenger when he thought he was going to die. Another time travel indication.  Scott Lang got out of the Quantum Realm - AND he has the van. Yes - that van, the one with the Quantum Realm portal in it that was built by Hank and Janet in the post-credit scenes of Ant-Man 2. So will the Realm play a huge part in restoring the universe pre-snap? Yes, another time travel hint... BONUS - the regenerating poster image looks very, very promising. Avengers: Endgame comes out April 26, 2019  

Earlier this year I had the Marvel experience to rival all Marvel experiences... I visited the set of Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson! So that's all I can really say right now BUT you will know more about my visit when Captain Marvel comes out March 8, 2019. But I CAN tell you it was pretty epic! More on that soon 🙂 As far as the premise of the film goes, there's not much information out there in public (yes I do know more about this film but no I can't say). Wikipedia says: Set in 1995 Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers, a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, as she turns into one of the galaxy's mightiest heroes and joins Starforce, an elite Kree military team, before returning home with new questions about her past and identity when the Earth is caught in the center of an galactic conflict between two alien worlds. That's it. That's all you get to know. Oh and she has a cat. And she's a badass.  See Captain Marvel in theaters everywhere March 8, 2019!

  The video of all videos dropped on Friday. Ariana Grande's highly touted (and much anticipated) video for her post-Pete-Davidson breakup Thank U, Next ended the day with over 30 million views on Youtube and is quickly becoming one of the most popular videos of 2018.  So naturally I needed to analyse the video to find all of the hidden little things in it. Bring on the Easter Eggs.... First, watch the video: Opening Scenes Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) in her second cameo this week as a pregnant high schooler The real Aaron Samuels (without his hair pushed back). The line is a reference to a scene in Mean Girls (obvs). Gabi DiMartino who famously lives like Ariana on Youtube has her own cameo. It was awesome... Stefanie Drummond reprising her role as Bethany Byrd from Mean Girls poking fun at Grande's recent engagement. With Stefanie is Ariana's backup dancer Scott Nicholson. Stefanie also wears Cady Heron's pink polo shirt.  Scott wears a "babygirl" necklace and Gabi wears a "Babygirl" hoodie.  Mean Girls Burn Book Sean's page says "So cute, so sweet (could still get it). Ricky' page: "Great Dancer, Good times man, friends 4ever" Pete's page: "I love you always" "HUUUUGE", and the she writes "sorry I dipped" The friends: Elizabeth Gillies - Grande's former costar from their series Victorious (Nickelodeon) Alexa Luria - Grande's best friend Courtney Chipolone - Grande's other best friend. In one scene she grabs her chest referring to Karen's ability to tell the weather in Mean Girls. Ariana wears a tee that says " A little bit needy", possibly referring to past rumors of always having a boyfriend. Jingle Bell Rock - Kris Jenner, the mom of all momagers, directing the four girls on stage. Ariana is also the only one wearing platform boots (she's only 5 feet tall). Bring it On Matt Bennett (her other Victorious costar) plays her love interest. Colleen Ballinger is back again as a pregnant cheerleader, a possible reference to another teen film "Sugar and Spice". Her two BFF's are back as cheerleaders too. Uniforms say "TUN" (thank u next) instead of Toros. 13 Going on 30 BFF's are back as the bridal party. I am betting they would have been real bridesmaids had Ariana gotten married. The bride is never shown but suspiciously looks like Ariana from behind. The dollhouse has paper dolls with Ariana's face (Jennifer Garner's character Jenna also had a dollhouse with her face on the paper dolls). The bottom left room is a recreation of her room from the Mean Girls segment, bottom right is a recreation of the Legally Blonde bedroom. The top left is the room from the Bring It On segment (note the red/black pennant flag above the window). Also - that ice skater poster? Ariana's real life brother Frankie! Ariana's outfit mimic's Jenna's from the original scene. Sparkles above the house mimic the sparkles when Jenna turned 30. The dance is a reference to the Thriller dance at Jenna's party.  Legally Blonde "Thank U Next" plaque on the campus building. There are also collegiate posters in her room that say Thank U Next. Ariana's license plate says "7 Rings", possibly about the next single? But not sure! Bruiser lookalike is Ariana's dog Toulouse who is a Chihuahua/Beagle mix. Ariana has 9 dogs total, all rescued from shelters. Jennifer Coolidge back and in her nail salon.  Ariana wears pink and purple flowers in here hair like Elle Woods had.  The delivery driver's patch says "BDE" instead of "UPS", which stands for "big d*** energy". Probably referring to Pete Davidson since she wrote "Huuuuge" in the burn book. Also there had been tweet references to him referring to BDE.   WHEW.. that's a lot of references... any I missed?