• The HydraLight can be switched on and off like a regular flashlight, and can run up to 100 continuous hours on a single water charge.
  • With a rubberized armor coating, the HydraLight is rugged, durable, and made to last.  It can safely be used in even the worst weather conditions.
  • With a handheld light, you need one hand to hold the light…but with the HydraLight, you now have both hands-free!
  • It’s perfect for outdoor camping activities.  It can even hang inside your tent.  It’s perfect for your boat, or for anytime you need a hands-free light.
  • The HydraLight is the perfect long lasting light for emergencies of all kinds.

Torch Coat Heater 2.0

  • Enjoy Soothing heat for up 4 hours
  • 3 Heat Zones Perfectly warm Your Core
  • Installs in seconds, in the jacket of your choosing
  • 3 Powerful Heat Settings Easily Adjust with the Touch of a Button
  • Safety certified to not only keep you warm but safe as well

Whiskey Sampling From For Whiskey Lovers

Inspired by the “blind tasting” bar game, we designed The Whiskey Explorers to introduce members amazing whiskies they most likely have not experienced before, free of any pre-conceived notion of a “brand”, price or age as an indicators of quality, or even a prior experience with a type of whisky. Members receive quarterly sample flights, each of which contain four (4) whiskey samples in 50mL bottles.  Each bottle is generically labeled, so that the only way the members can find out what they are tasting is to enter that generic code on our website, which initiates a game called “My Whisky IQ”.


Trayvax Element Tactical Wallet

We begin with a tough stainless-steel plate wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather and secured with MIL-SPEC paracord. This slim wallet is packed with features including a built-in bottle opener, integrated money clip, attachment point, and RFID-protection.

Trayvax stands behind all of our products with our Lifetime Heirloom Warranty. In addition, all products are completely sourced and handmade in the USA. We have wallets starting out at $19.99 to meet all budget types.


Fizzics Waytap Beer Draft System

Why does draft beer taste so much better than out of a can or bottle? It’s the bubbles, and only Fizzics has the patented microfoam sonic technology to create the uniformly dense and compact carbonation that raises the flavor, aroma and mouth-feel of canned and bottled beer to craft-brew standards. Compatible with 12- to 25-ounce cans and 12-ounce bottles,and completely portable (powered by four AA batteries), Fizzics’ new, streamlined Waytap is equally comfortable at picnics in the park or yard as it is in the kitchen, home bar or rec room.


Wet Shaving Starter Kit

There is a no gift more popular and celebrated this holiday season than a Traditional Shaving Kit from Phoenix Shaving!
With the prices of cartridge razors being what they are and the inferior “one size fits all” shaves they provide, millions of Men (and women) are returning back to time tested methods of shaving; Shave Soap, Shave Brush and Safety Razor!
Sure there are cartridge blade clubs you can join and save some cash, but is it really worth the subpar shave? 
 The Phoenix Shaving DE Safety Razor Starter Kit

This kit is for the complete newb, that only last week was dragging a bic across his face…or something like that. This kit is a great gift for a buddy you have been preaching the benefits of Traditional Shaving too, A Graduation Gift, Any Holiday, etc…it’s pretty much the perfect gift for any man.


Shake & Go® Fit – Contigo

Taste your shake, not your shaker — Grab the heavy weights. The Shake & Go® Fit Shaker Bottle with Storage Container is here to help you live an active lifestyle. When your muscles are jelly, you’ll still be able to easily mix your post-workout drink, thanks to a rounded bottom and weighted shaker ball that make mixing a cinch. Refuel on the go using the storage container, which holds up to two servings of protein powder and vitamins. And with TasteGuard® Protection, you’re protected from lingering tastes and odors. Go ahead, knock out one more push-up.


Elliot Havok Watches

When you’re shopping for a truly great watch, you want Swiss precision and the highest level of handmade craftsmanship. And you expect to pay upwards of $250-$1000. Until Elliot Havok that is.  Affordable, carefully handcrafted accessories for men. By partnering with the consumer and keeping our designs clean and elegantly simple, we offer superior value watches and other essential accessories at pre-sale prices without skimping on the quality. And we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate, create better designs and continue producing a high level product at a price that everyone can afford. It’s the perfect holiday gift for the man in your life and durable enough for a young man’s starter watch he’ll wear well into adulthood.


Be 50 Strong Water Bottles

Size matters. It’s just that simple. Our Chug 36 holds a whopping 36 oz. of fluid, yet still fits in most cup holders. Say goodbye to that giant bottle you precariously place on your car’s console that tips over with every turn you make. The Chug 36 has more than just size going for it though, it’s also beautiful with its modern square top design. The Chug 36 comes with a Chug Cap that can be opened and locked into place with just one hand.

gotrax-hoverfly-xl-hoverboard-black-1024x1024 (1)

GoTrax Hoverfly XL Balance Scooter

Safety is the key to the GOTRAX GALAXY.  Magnify your multiverse fun and minimize worry to none; all electrical, battery, and charger systems are tested and certified to UL 2272 safety standard guides.

Reach interstellar scooter speeds of up to 7.4 mph for up to 12 miles on a single, full charge!

The GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL self-balancing scooter aka hoverboard boasts top-ranking torque powered by dual 350W motors.

Become a hoverboard master faster! This self-balancing scooter aka hoverboard was designed for intergalactic expeditions, but operating the GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL is not rocket science.

Go from Space Cadet to Space Commander in just 5 minutes Earth time using the quick and easy Training Mode feature.

Feel like you’re floating in zero gravity with the HOVERFLY XL’s space-age gyroscopic self-balancing scooter technology.

Need to dodge asteroids or meteoroids? Your GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL hoverboard has a 0-degree turning radius, non-slip foot pads, and fender foot guards.

Amplify your GOTRAX HOVERFLY XL with Bluetooth and mobile app pairing capabilities.

Blast your favorite space jams and unlock exclusive riding features with the HOVERFLY XL built-in Bluetooth Speaker and iOS/Android mobile app.

Travel in space-age style with the HOVERFLY XL’s cosmic colors and lunar-bright LED lights.

With the HOVERFLY XL’s high-quality construction and 220-lb weight capacity, your whole family will want to join your hoverboard fleet.

Light-years of cosmic fun await! Enter the GOTRAX GALAXY today.

*Thank you to the above sponsors for providing products in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.