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A huge thank you to my sister for giving me a guest post spot!  Love you!
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My name is Cat and as I said above, our fearless leader here is my sister.  I live in Austin, am married with 3 crazy kids, two of which are still at home.  My son is married with a son of his own, and another one on the way!  So yes, I am a grandma too.  My girls are 11 and 8 and keep me on my toes!

Diving right in, here’s the deal. I can be skeptical by nature.   I love essential oils,  and I love a great deal on something I will actually use.   I am picky about the products I use with my girls.   And I am very skeptical of “quick fixes”.   I don’t have money to waste.   Remember that word, SKEPTICAL.  That’s me.  I have only used oils in creating homemade beauty products and to make the house smell nice.   A friend of mine, who is very similar in her attitudes about being frugal, started using Young Living oils.  She was also skeptical, but after a ton of research, was willing to try for the benefits to her family particularly one of her girls who suffers from severe allergies and asthma.  She bought a Premium Everyday Essentials Starter kit.  She used it for several weeks. It was her testimony on a combination of oils from this kit that made me begin to consider one for my family.  Within 2 months of using these oils, she was able to put the nebulizer away.  It’s been 5 months since her little girl has had an asthma attack and this was the first summer she could actually enjoy being outside without allergies making her suffer!  All without her usual OTC meds.  And this was only one of the ways the oils changed their lives.  Between this and the fact that Young Living has their own farms, use their own products on these farms, process their own product, and have such a pure product, I was sold even with that hint of skepticism hanging out.  The bonus was I bought the Everyday Essentials kit through my blogger friend Jill and got close to $400 in products for less than half!

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Six days later the FedEx man dropped off the package.  I can honestly say that within a few short hours I knew it was a smart purchase.  The oils in this kit showed immediate results for my family.  The very first success was with my 8 year old little girl.  She has been having emotional growing pains in transitioning into a 9 year old.   I understand it’s all very normal,  many of you are struggling with it too.   But the out of character fits and attitude had been difficult and daily.    We tried soothing her,  being more stern with her,  ignoring the behavior,  talking it out,  etc, nothing calmed her down until she was ready and that wasn’t always within her own control.    I had been telling her about the oils and how we were going to see if they might help somehow.   If nothing else,  the house would smell good!   One of the blends in the kit is called Peace and Calming.  When it arrived,  she immediately wanted to smell it.   Then we put it in the diffuser that comes with the kit, and perfumed the air.  She was happy.   Like really happy.  Said it smells like Christmas.

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Later,  when she started to get that tone in her voice and I could see the mood start to come over her,  we turned the diffuser back on.   You know what?   She calmed down immediately.   I can’t tell you how happy that made my heart.   It’s terrible seeing your child so distraught and confused,  so this was a blessing for sure.   Later we sat down to watch a movie and I rubbed her feet with a combination of Valor, Peace and Calming, and Lavender with coconut oil, and she passed out while talking.   Ha!  The scent lingered in the air and so even the dog became sleepy jello!   And she stayed asleep!  We didn’t wake up to her crowded in our bed.  My older daughter likes the combination in the diffuser.  Works like magic for that night owl!

Another win for us, my husband just had shoulder surgery and cannot take pain medication.  Enter PanAway mixed with coconut oil.  Massaged gently into his shoulder and the pain is at a bare minimum, even with the torture his physical therapist puts him through!

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And yesterday.  My younger DD woke up with an upset stomach and slight fever.  With how busy we are, there is no time for a virus!  Rubbed DiGlize blend and peppermint into her tummy and put Thieves blend in the diffuser.  Two hours later she was back to her, now cheerful self.

This has seriously changed our lives and I am super excited to tell you all about it.  Being a stay at home mom, I know the journey can use any good help along the way.   And if I can save money too while still using a product I truly believe in, then it’s a win!   I am definitely NOT skeptical anymore, at least not about this product.  I really feel in my heart that everyone can benefit from this.


Thank you for taking the time to read my crazy oil lady story!!   As moms, and you dads out there, it takes a village and any help we can give each other is good!   And being skeptical isn’t a negative thing.  It makes us do the research so we can find what works in our own lives and feel good about shouting it out to the world!

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Much love,


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