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Yet Another What to Bring to #Blogher13

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Squee!!!! It’s next week!!

I am going to this big ol’ conference in a couple of weeks in Chicago called Blogher. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Blogher was the reason I put my rebrand from Mommy Wants Freebies to All Mommy Wants on the fast track – I wanted to get it finished with all of the bugs worked out (of course there are still some), and I knew I needed to order more promo stuff like business cards.

As far as the business cards go, I ordered from York Photo. Their prices are pretty competitive (and they are ALWAYS running great deals!) and I have ordered from them before, so I know the quality I will get is good. I chose to go with double sided cards:

Phone number blacked out 🙂

I also ordered some mini cards from Moo -they are about 1/3 the size of regular cards and are a great backup! I have mt name, phone number, site, and email on one side and my QR code, photo, and twitter handle on the other. Why photo you ask? Your photo on your card at conferences like this are good for getting remembered. I will have the ear of several PR reps from some of my favorite companies and I want to stand out 🙂

So on with the things I am bringing..

  • Messenger bag – keep my hands free!
  • Business cards
  • External battery pack for my phone
  • Altoids (gum is distracting)
  • My digital point and shoot camera
  • Aspirin
  • A mini power strip for charging anywhere
  • iphone charger
  • Snack food, like Luna Bars
  • Band-aids
  • Travel sewing kit
  • Eye drops (contact lenses!)
  • Dental floss and Wisp toothbrushes
  • baby wipes (see my 15 uses!)
  • An extra top and fresh undies – just to freshen up midday if I am feeling stagnant and icky.
  • bottled water

I tend to start getting that ugly 2 o’clock feeling and with that comes headaches, eye issues, etc. So heading those off will be fab. Plus I am dealing with a 2 hour time difference so there’s that.

So what am I bringing back? Knowledge. Budding relationships with other bloggers and brands. New opportunities to bring my readers fun giveaways. And maybe a little rest and sanity!


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