Yay #1 – I’m at the 29 week marker! 8 or 9 weeks to go! Woohoo! My next milestone will be 32 weeks which will mean very little time if any that the babies will be in nicu if they were born then. With the exception of an icky contraction in the grocery store last night, things are going well. Oh, and that stupid GD. I have been managing it ok with careful diet and finger pokes to check my levels, which I discovered aren’t very accurate. I did one twice with the same blood draw and came back with a 9 point difference. I took the lower of the two and will have to talk to the dietician about that. Hmmm.

Babies are moving a lot too 🙂 I’m starting to see actual limbs poking from my belly. Weird but cool.

Yay #2 – baby shower this weekend! Mom and two sisters will be out to celebrate – I promise to post pics 😉 and they get to go to my u/s on Monday!

Yay #3 – I just discovered that a new huge library is going in walking distance from my house! It will be done by mid-summer. I am too excited to find out the baby and kid things they will be offering there!

Now I must make lunch and then clean the bathroom. Gave the doggies a bath this morning. ’nuff said….