*I received this item in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

My daughter tends to worry a lot. It’s quite a bit for a 5 year old – she worries about school, about her brother, about whether or not we have oranges (that’s her favorite)… She will get herself so worked up that tears start flowing….

Luckily there is a sweet, soft toy available right now that helps her and other little concerned kiddos – Worry Eaters! Not only are they helpful to your little worrier, they are soft and cuddly, perfect for snuggling.


Worry Eaters are soft huggable monsters who “eat” your worries. Worry Eaters is a plush toy. It is intended to comfort a child. The design of the toy, which incorporates a zipper at the mouth, allows a child to insert into the mouth slips of paper bearing words that might describe a worry or a concern of the child. The child places the worry in the mouth of the toy and the worry is “gone”, the toy “eats” the child’s worries.

DISCLAIMER: The toy does not take away the worry, literally. The phrases “we eat your worries” and “worry eaters” are not used in the literal sense to indicate that the worry will be taken away. The phrases are used in the non-literal sense to be rhetorical or whimsical. The toy will not eat the child’s worry. The worry will not be gone forever. The toy is not a replacement for sound and compassionate psychological support by a professional or a trusted adult.

So when your child is worrying about that big day at school, they can write it down or draw a picture and the Worry Eater will “eat” it up, helping your little one relax.

Worry Eaters are $15.95 for small (8.3″) and $22.95 for large (22.5″) and are available at specialty retailers and Amazon!