Work, weekend, and stretchy pants

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Today is my only day off this week. One of my managers has a dental issue to take care of, so she will be out for a few days. I don’t envy her… Tomorrow my boss will be at my store. She will see how I have aready “popped” and have the shock of her life! I’m glad I told her, because at this point I would be hard-pressed to hide it. It’s 95 degrees out, I can’t exactly wear a bulky sweater, now can I? I am getting better and better with managing the exhaustion, although the weekends are still a struggle. Thank God for understanding coworkers and the water cooler…

My in-laws were here this weekend. We decided to tell them over breakfast on Saturday that we are “in the family way”. They are excited, they both cried! But then it started, the every 2 minutes of “how are you feeling?” I know they mean well..

let me give you a little insight into myself…

I actually detest getting doted on. I hate it. Josh and I are both that way, the only constant attention we want is from eachother. I mean, I LOVE being cared about, don’t get me wrong. But if I am “fine”, I am fine. If I want to talk about something having to do with me, I will bring it up. I am pretty much to myself IRL. I don’t know why I am that way, but it’s just me.

Now this is NOT to say people cannot ask how I am feeling. That’s fine. But every 5 minutes? and asking if I have “thrown up today yet?”… Or after I respond “I’m fine”, saying something like “no you aren’t”… arrghh. A little too much into my bodily functions, thank you very much…

I am practically living in my maternity pants for work. I bought one pair of stretchy pants thinking I can get away with it.. nope. I need to go shopping…. either that or start going to work in sweats, but I think designers frown upon that. Maybe I should go work for Cou.ture and wear velour sweatsuits all day šŸ™‚ But nobody wants to see that!

Life She Has


  1. how are you? throwing up? how are you? not fine i bet…teehee

    okay okay..kidding!!! i love you…glad you are having to buy maternity so soon. i love it, oh, and you know that there will have to be belly pics over the next few months. that you canNOT get away with not posting…*smooch* but i won’t ask how you are feeling as i trust you’ll tell…*hug*

  2. No, but really, how ARE you? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Well, I guess it is a good thing you told the boss if you’re already showing. Wow. Fun though, to share your happy news, isn’t it?! When will you have your u/s? First glimpse of your little one!

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