My sister, bro-in-law, and beautiful, perfect nephew Hunter were here over the weekend… It was so nice to see them 🙂 They all look great and we had a fabulous time. Some highlights:

– Went hiking in the Columbia River Gorge, specifically Horsetail and Pony Falls. the trail goes behind the waterfall, how cool is that?– Got *lost* trying to find Lucky Labrador Brewery in Portland, said screw it and went to Rock Bottom, still very good…
– Hunter spent most of the time in a fuzzy snake costume I found at a yard sale a few years back. He wouldn’t even take it off for the trip back down to California

***I would totally have pics to share had my dear sweet husband not erased them. The pic above is, ahem, borrowed from the internet…***

It was awesome… It made me wish I had family closer, the closest is my sister-in-law 3 1/2 hours away… Next closest is my sis Shelby 600 miles away… sad….