I think the fact that the babies are kicking have sent me into a bit of a frenzied tailspin. I know I still have time but I feel like I am so unprepared for these little ones. I bought a crib, deciding to wait on a second by the advice of other twin moms. Most twin moms I know have said that their babies slept in the same crib for months. BUT I have yet to buy the mattress. And the crib is still in the box, chillin in my entryway since I got it over a week ago. I am afraid to put it together for fear that my cat will take custody of it.

I did buy a glider too. I ordered it this week, it should be here by Christmas.

I really haven’t gotten anything else besides the occasional article of clothing. I need to buy cloth diapers and diaper covers (way cheaper than disposables). As of right now I am unsure if I will use a diaper service.

I haven’t purchased the twin pack-n-play I want. I haven’t purchased a stroller, or carseats, changing table, etc. I haven’t bought much of anything. Now that these babies are really making themselves known I am feeling the urgency of these needs.

I think part of me still had those horrible “what if” thoughts. We spent so much time and effort getting pregnant, it’s still hard to believe we are. I still think it will all be taken away. I think I will wake up one day and it will all be a dream.

But then I feel the kicks I am feeling at this very moment. And I know it’s my two beautiful children telling me it will all be ok.

But I still need to buy a lot of crap…