I left in the middle of Monsters University.

Yes, you heard that right. But let me explain…

As a blogger I get emails and opportunities like seeing Disney movies early in the theater. I know, right? AWESOME. But I hadn’t really been able to go because the time and date were inconvenient, or the movie isn’t kid friendly, etc. But when I saw the invite for 4 guests (including myself) to attend the prescreening of Monsters University in Portland, I thought – PERFECT! I’m a family of 4, it will be like a “family date night”!


I verified with my rep that it was okay to bring my twins, which it was. My rep mentioned it was a 3D movie, but I wasn’t too worried about that with my kids. What I WAS worried about was what happened last year when we took them to see Wreck-It Ralph – restlessness.

I reminded them all day of “the rules”

  1. Listen to mommy and daddy
  2. No yelling
  3. No running around
  4. No getting out of your seat
  5. No talking

They added “No Laughing!”. Ha. You kids are funny. Even at 3 my children have a wicked sense of humor…

So we got the the theater, ran into a couple of other local bloggers – Beeb from Contest Corner and Krista from Mostly Mommyhood 🙂 It was great to see them again! Unfortunately my children had already forgotten the rules and decided that burning off energy in the lobby was okay. Alright, I am not going to totally fight you, kids… Although I did take each one outside to have a quick “conversation” about the rules. When I use the term “conversation” they know to put their listening ears on 🙂

So then it was finally time to sit down in the theater. We chose the end of the row near the exit in case we needed to make a quick getaway. Again, going over the rules. We told them we would have to leave if they didn’t follow the rules.


So the movie started. The Pixar animated short at the beginning was pretty adorable. I love that Disney always puts a really neat short at the beginning of all of their movies! This one was called “The Blue Umbrella” – reminiscent of the highly acclaimed “Paperman” of lost and found love, but a totally different feel. Disney Pixar brings to life the inanimate objects in daily life and it’s really cute!

Then the movie started! The twins were sitting in their chairs with their little 3D glasses on (their “cool glasses”) and I thought *maybe we will get through the whole movie!*. Honestly? I had hoped they would drift off into a sound slumber. But nope, didn’t happen. About halfway through they started using the “try and stay awake” tactics. They traded seats, make loud noises, dropped their glasses, etc etc, until finally I look at my husband and say “we have to go”. I had to make the call. The twins were NOT happy about it.

Riley sobbed as we got into the car but I had to explain to her that there were lots of people who wanted to enjoy the movie and since they weren’t following the rules we would have to leave. She looked MAD. I always tell my kids that it’s okay to be mad, which I said. She did say she still loved me though – whew! Within 3 minutes both kids were asleep in their car seats as we drove home…


The movie itself? ADORABLE – from what I saw. I loved seeing Mike Wazowski as a young monster and how he got the bug to become a “Scarer”. The monsters were whimsical, funny, and had such great personalities (in true Disney form). Sully was perfect as the “jock with a legacy” sort of character – exactly how I would have seen him in college. College age Mike was an eager monster and just wanted to succeed, I love that.


Monsters-University8-574x344Unfortunately we only got as far as Sully’s introduction to the movie. So I know we missed a TON of good parts. Boo. But we knew that was the price we would potentially have to pay with the youngins’. So it was okay, because it got me itching to see the whole thing. Too bad I have to wait until June 21st!

To get you in the monster spirit check out the exclusive clip below!

Monsters University is in Theaters June 21st!