I got home this morning at around 10:30 from my very minor surgery. It went well, I feel much better than expected with the exception of a little cramping and a small anesthesia-induced headache. But all in all happy its over and happy to be home.

The Dr found 3 polyps. AND he gave Josh pictures. I thought Josh was gonna puke at the sight of them but he did ok. I didn’t see my Dr after the procedure, which is totally fine since it was not a huge deal and I will see him at post-op in a week or so. He also had a full day today, especially since this was last minute and he had to move his day around.

i remembered a whole lot more this time than last time. The anesthesiologist put this sedative in my iv which made my whole body tingle, esp my hair follicles. it was so weird, I didn’t remember that from before. And the sleepy drugs didn’t come into after I was in the OR, so I remember getting on the table and then I was out. I woke up very groggy, not wide awake llike before. part of that was most likely due to the fact I drove home from Seattle at 1am last night and got about 3 hours of sleep.

So it’s done. I hope this is the last of the prep we need to do. I am ready to get this show on the road….

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, It’s you all that get me through the tough times.

I’m still writing that children’s book, and now that my laptop cord is officially repaired (thanks Erec!) I can get on with it.. I am hoping to have the manuscript done within a month and start shopping it…. I may be naive in thinking I can do it, but I can’t not try, right??