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When A Cashier Becomes A Jerk-Face #FAIL #customerservice

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So I had an interesting experience today…

I was at a store today (which shall remain nameless), picking up a few supplies for an upcoming feature of a fun and cute treat. More on that soon. The ingredients are sugary – cookies, frosting, etc. So while in the baking aisle I spotted pouches of Pillsbury Aqua Blue Cupcake Mix at 50% off. Heck, at 62 cents a bag I figured it wouldn’t hurt to grab a couple of them. They could come in handy for a Frozen-themed treat, right?

I arrive at the check stand to a young guy, about 19 or 20 years old. Let’s call him Doug. Doug seems nice enough, goes through the “how’s your day” and gives me the quick spiel about the store’s credit card (which I already have). He starts ringing me up.

Now mind you, every time I go to this particular chain store the ¬†cashier is usually nice. I’m not saying Doug was being an asshole or in a rotten mood. He seemed pleasant. Whenever I go, 60% of the time the cashier will make small talk about what I am buying. It’s usually something like “oh I haven’t tried this, is it good?” or, “this is cute, I bet your daughter will love it”, or even small talk with my twins. Yadda yadda. It makes me think that “small talk” is in the employee handbook under “Procedures”.

Well… Doug tried. And failed.

He got to my Pillsbury blue cake mix pouches and grimaced. I was patiently waiting to pay and he says “BLUE cake mix?!”. I gave him a little bit of an odd look and say “yeah….” he says “I would never eat something like this. Blue? I guess everyone has their own taste…”

I didn’t really know what to say so I said “it’s for a project”. He just shrugged and finished the transaction.

What the fuck dude?

I was a little taken aback, a little offended. I mean yeah, my basket had things like cookies, coconut, frosting, and cake mix. It was kind of obvious that I wasn’t doing my regular grocery shopping. So why was I offended that this kid was dissing my purchases? Could you imagine if it was something like an article of clothing?

“ugh, you like THIS shirt? I would NEVER wear this color”. So why is it ok for a grocery store clerk to do this? Keep in mind I have 15 years of retail customer service under my belt. I KNOW what to say and what not to say.

What do you think? Did I overreact by being bothered by this? Have you ever had a cashier be a jerk-face under the guise of “small talk”?

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  1. I’ve asked cashiers and other employees if they like a product or not, even realizing that not everybody has the same tastes.

    Anyway, I can see how you might feel he was criticizing your decision for making that purchase but I doubt that was his true intention. He was just voicing his dislike and hasn’t grasped the fact that everyone is the same, or maybe he’s just now grasping it since he did say the thing about not everyone having the same tastes.

    Maybe not the greatest customer service transaction but yeah, you’re overreacting some. It shouldn’t have bothered you enough to spend your time writing a whole article about it. It was a minor blip in the day and be glad it wasn’t something worse. I’ve had major jerk off managers who’ve made me feel like an idiot for not knowing store policies to the letter and majorly inconveniencing me bc of it. That’s happened a couple of times and that’s what I consider really poor customer service.

    He didn’t like the blue stuff but it wasn’t a product you designed or wasn’t your personal appearance he voiced his dislike about, so maybe you really shouldn’t be so personally offended. Maybe he was somewhat lost in thought or on automatic mode and saw it and the comment just popped out and when you responded then he felt he had to respond back and at least he tried to smooth it over a bit by the comment about ‘everyone’s different tastes.’ He was a young dude and they aren’t always known for thinking before speaking. He is probably the center of his own world and thinks that multiple people want to know his likes and dislikes.

    Maybe, at the time, you could have given him a bit of advice on proper customer interactions such as ‘don’t heckle the customer’s purchases’ but being a young dude he might not have listened or even might have just looked at you like you were a crazy lady.

    Heck sometimes I don’t think before I speak and I wonder how people take some of the things I say when I really don’t mean to offend.

    I say at least he has a job and isn’t doing some of the illegal and crazy stuff some of the young guys around my area are doing.

    You could dash off a note to the company, without identifying him, and suggest that they suggest to their employees not to denigrate customers’ purchases bc it might cause the customer to leave the product behind.

    1. Yeah I totally get what you are saying… It just irked me because I kind of felt like I was being judged for buying something as synthetic as blue cake mix, like I was less than him because of it. lol this IS Portland after all – lots of natural eaters here, but this wasn’t a natural grocer or anything. But yeah. I totally see your point and it’s a very good one ūüôā

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