I’m a vegetarian, it means my fabulous husband makes concessions in the world of food. And by that I mean he pretty much eats exclusively vegetarian at home. I make chicken for him every so often, but I am blessed by the fact that he not only agrees to eat vegetarian but actually LIKES the vegetarian meats I buy.

We have been making vegetarian chili since Morningstar Farms came out with its Griller Crumbles. It is perfect for a big pot of hearty chili. We try to make it once a week — even in the summer — because it’s so filling and we always have a ton of leftovers. A few years ago, back before the munchkin joined our family, we were invited to a vegetarian potluck, so we whipped up a batch of chili to take. The host pulled us aside and told us very politely that while she appreciated our contribution, she had asked that we bring a vegetarian dish. Boy, was she shocked when we told her that it was, in fact, vegetarian. I take it as a compliment that people think it’s “real” chili.

Seriously, how yummy does this look??


And now, for the important part — the recipe:



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