Sorry, that’s a line from Ace Ventura, hissed by what’s-her-face.

Anyway, If Optimist, Then got it right in the comments to the previous post. I’m starting to feel the pressure and the pain of my ovaries becoming the size of cantaloupes. Well maybe not that big but still uncomfortable. Which tells me the follies are still growing – yay! And it tells me there are probably still lots of them. All good signs.

I’ve also been incredibly exhausted and wanting sweets, like chocolate. Is tuis normal?

MIL and FIL left yesterday. It was nice to see them, they are pleasant. I had to put all of my meds in a cooler in my room though, but I’m ok with them knowing if they did figure it out. Just please don’t talk about it and don’t ask questions. I have always felt like if I wanted to talk about it I will on my own accord. It’s a touchy subject, ya know?

I have another dr appt tomorrow and then I get to set all of the windows at my store. If you take a look at retail clothing displays you will see the work involved. Luckily though I have a couple of others coming in to work in them so all I really have to do is delegate and direct. Fine with me šŸ™‚

Oh and another appt Sun and most likely Mon. Then on to ER, fert report, and ET with a hopeful freeze in there…. Who knew trying to have a baby would be so complicated???