Weigh In Time!

  • Starting Weight (Dec 30): 185.1
  • Week 1: 179.6
  • Week 2: 178.6
  • Week 3: 177.6
  • Week 4: 174.4
  • Week 5: 174.2
  • Week 6: 172.4

Squeee!! I am back on track after a crappy week! I have been starting off my days with protein (like egg whites), something green (spinach, broccoli, kale, etc), and lots of water. And coffee. Because coffee. The rest of the day is filled with proteins, veggies, fruits like bananas, and the occasional chocolate (Skinny Cow – YUM). And more and more water! I think I am up to 7 or 8 bottles a day now…

So I have come across “haters” in my life during this process. I wasn’t going to address this, but then I figured that others may be going through the same thing. Not necessarily with weight loss, but maybe with your job, your lifestyle, etc. 

I hated that I felt sad about the negativity, but that’s really a natural reaction. But then I got mad, and then I decided to use that anger to prove the nay-sayers wrong. 

it was either that or quit. And I’m not quitting šŸ™‚


Bottom line – I am doing this for myself. Love it or hate it. And YOOU should do things for yourself. Screw the haters. prove them wrong by being right.

This post is 100% not sponsored in any way