Weigh In Time!

  • Starting Weight (Dec 30): 185.1
  • Week 1: 179.6
  • Week 2: 178.6
  • Week 3: 177.6
  • Week 4: 174.4 

week4 copy

Yeah, so you can see my loss last week was 3.2 lbs. Yay! Kind of….

It’s NOT healthy to lose more than 2 pounds in a week. I am pretty sure this had to do with two things: 

  1. I was sick with a cold most of the week. Watch my video from last week  and you will see!
  2.  I cut out a few carbs. Just had salads instead of sandwiches or wraps on some days. I still had a chicken taco on a wheat tortilla Friday night – AND pizza 3 times last week. Yep. PIZZA. It was chicken/spinach/feta but still. Pizza!!

So yeah, I am not going to balk at 3 pounds lost. I am going to take it as a gift! And WOOT – I surpassed my 10 pound mark!! 1/5th of the way down to my goal!!!

My skinny jeans are no longer skinny
My skinny jeans are no longer skinny

 Now. On to the topic of D-I-E-T. 

I hate that word. People say “oh you are on a diet.”. NO. I am not. I am changing my eating habits and losing weight in the process.

We all know that 170+ pounds is NOT healthy for a 5’6″ almost 40 year old. I am not going to pretend it is. 135-140 is healthy. That’s my goal.

Now let’s talk about DIET AIDS and why I am absolutely NOT a believer in them. 

Diet aids (pills, shakes, etc) will help you lose weight fast. This is true. BUT the rule of thumb with this is the faster you lose the faster you put it back on. Diet pills do NOT teach you healthy choices in food and consumption. They do not tell you that veggies are better for you than sugar. They tell you “hey. take ME and you will fit into that dress next week!”. Which is great if you want to, but that’s not my goal. And YES – diet aids can be used responsibly, but bottom line: you need to change your habits. Permanently. You can’t rely on diet pills for the rest of your life, it’s NOT healthy.

I keep getting email pitches from diet companies in my inbox. I ignore every one of them. 

Now you might be saying “but you are on Weight Watchers, right?”. Yes I am, but the difference between WW and diet aids is that WW is not telling me to eat their packaged food, take a pill, or anything like that. Weight Watchers is helping me make choices in what I eat and helping me keep a food diary. That’s IT. Nothing else. 


Make sure you post below with questions,  comments, and your goals!

(I am not endorsed by Weight Watchers or any other weight loss brand/company)