Ok first off: WEIGH IN:

  • Starting Weight (Dec 30): 185.1
  • Week 1: 179.6
  • Week 2: 178.6
  • Week 3: 177.6


Other than a different shirt and my ability to crop out my feet, I don't see a difference.
Other than a different shirt and my ability to crop out my feet, I don’t see a difference. Even thought I am down a pound I look a little bloated. lame. Maybe it’s the shirt!

I have been doing the same thing that I did in week 2 – running (ran 3x last week & increased my time by 5 minutes), water, etc. Plus I have been sick with a cold. I sound like a froggie. Usually when I am sick my appetite increases. I DID find out something though…

I got into a MAJOR blah-rut this past week. Like a “screw it, I want cake!” rut. This was Wednesday. BUT I didn’t give in, I just drank some water and ate a banana and kept on trucking. I ran on the treadmill Monday and Tuesday and knew that Wednesday was going to be a rest-up day, so maybe that was it? Not sure – all I do know are the days I did run I didn’t feel like gorging myself on crappy food.

This week I am going to make a meal change – I have been eating breads still, so I think I am going to cut way way back on them. Instead of toast or an english muffin in the morning I will have a banana or something. Lunchtime has been all about wraps lately, so I am going to change it by making the wrap innards a salad instead and getting rid of the tortilla part. 

I want to see what you have been doing too! If you have a blog/youtube channel leave it in the comments – or just tell me what has worked for you!