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Operation Get Fit: Week 10 – OH NO! PLATEAU!

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Weigh In Time!

  • Starting Weight (Dec 30): 185.1
  • Week 1: 179.6
  • Week 2: 178.6
  • Week 3: 177.6
  • Week 4: 174.4
  • Week 5: 174.2
  • Week 6: 172.4
  • Week 7: 171.2
  • Week 8: 169.4
  • Week 9: 168.4
  • Week 10: 168

Total: 16.9 lbs lost

So.. although this isn’t my *worst* week of doing this (see week 5!), I do feel like I was in a bit of a slump. Because it was *that time of the month* I retained water, my appetite went up, and I only lost 1/2lb. And I am ok with it for now. 

I have to be. Because that week is GONE! I can’t go back in time and do it over. But I can learn from it. 

This week I am focusing on going back to basics. I can see exactly what I have done by going back through my posts and just really work on that healthy lifestyle once again. 

My birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks – I plan on going down to 165 by then, maybe even more!


Life She Has

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