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I wanted to tell my mom and get it all scheduled and really just get over it before I blogged about it, but here’s the deal.. I went to the Dr yesterday (as you may well know by now). I have a fibroid (which I knew) but it’s gotten bigger (which was news to me). It was once the size of a grape, but now it’s the size of a small orange and in a place where I have no choice but to get it removed via abdominal myomectomy. Which means being in surgery, staying in the hospital for a couple of days, and no going to work for 6 weeks. It’s been scheduled for March 11.. I expect flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.

Life She Has


  1. Yeah, that is a hard blow. Surgery is never fun either but it does sound like it’s necessary and for the best.

    You want to have plenty of room for those embies to implant in the right place.

    Hugs, I know you are disappointed but July will be here before any of are ready for it. Plus, that fibroid could be a major problem once you conceived. I have a friend that just had a baby at 33 weeks because her fibriod grew while pg and caused contractions and major pain. The last six weeks of her pg were really painful and hard. After everything you’ve been through you deserve the easiest and smoothest pg and delivery possible.

    Keeping pp and pt for your surgery and a BFP.

  2. oh sweetie…we are right there for you. sounds like this is the best course of action. i talked to mom last night and am so glad she’ll be out there with you guys. i love you and am always and forever here for you…you’ll have your babies…i feel it in my heart and soul. and they will be perfect!

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