I was sent an UP24 from Jawbone for review courtesy of AT&T. I am a runner, fitness is very important to me not only for the physical health reasons, but also mental well-being. The band is made of hypoallergenic rubber, splash resistant, and holds a charge for up to 7 days before you need to plug it in to your USB. It comes in small, medium, and large and 5 color choices.UP24 Colors

UP24 helps you understand how you sleep, eat, and move. It’s always connected wirelessly to the UP app for real-time updates of your progress to help you reach your sleep, activity, and nutrition goals.

  • Wireless syncing for in-the-moment insights and notifications

  • UP Insight Engine discovers patterns in your activities

  • Track Sleep includes total hours, number of wake ups, and more

  • Track Activity includes steps, distance, calories burned, and more

  • Team up with friends to share, collaborate or compete

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It really does everything it says it will.

UP24 By Jawbone


The most important thing for me was the ease of use is perfect. It doesn’t give you too much information. That would just be annoying but it does give keep track of your steps for the day.

photo 1


It keeps track of the steps per day and your sleep patterns using two bars on the screen of your smart phone or tablet . You can set the goals easily – I set mine for 10,000 steps per day. I found out this is actually kind of a lot and does take time to get there. On the days I ran I would make my goal and would be at 130% to 140%. On the days I did not run I would only be at about 50% of this goal. Synching to your device is also done perfectly the Bluetooth connection links with no password needed. When you leave the UP24 connected via Bluetooth it gives you alerts all day long about how well you are doing with you goal. This really does help to motivate you.

photo 2


The sleep tracker is amazing. It gives you a graph of sound sleep and light sleep and when you woke up. I found out that on some nights i would wake up 4 or 5 times a night for short amounts of time, maybe only for a few minutes and I would have no memory of this.

photo 3

On any of these graphs you can touch and drag your finger and it will tell you exactly what time everything happened (for both the step tracker and the sleep tracker). The band itself is comfortable not obnoxious – Jawbone did a good job with design. I did use the part of this product where you input what you ate for the day (on the app). This will keep track of you caloric intake. I get a good amount of exercise so i don’t use this too much, but for dieting it’s a great way to keep a food diary.  I have been wearing the band 24  hours a day for 3 weeks now and I really do like knowing all the information it gives me. I love a product that just does what it claims to do and does it with great design and a very well thought out user interface.

You can find the UP24 at AT&T locations and online at AT&T as well as other locations that sell electronics. MSRP $149 (and worth every penny).

*I was provided with the UP24 and was under no obligation to write a positive review. No compensation was received.