So I was watching this fascinating show today called Scam City on Science Channel. Yes, I love Science Channel, along with Discovery, but that’s not the point of this post.

Anyway, in this particular episode host Conor Woodman is in Brazil showing how scammers work Carnivale, a HUGE tourist event. The scene was this – Conor sitting on the beach with his bag under his chair. Scammer “A” comes up to him, distracts him with polite conversation and asks him to watch his things while he take a quick dip in the ocean, gaining Conor’s trust in the process. While “A” is doing this, “B” walks up behind Conor’s chair and swiftly takes his bag.

The twins, who are 3 years old now, must have been paying attention to this because not a minute later Riley asks me to get her mylar balloon that had floated up to the ceiling. I get out of the coveted comfy red chair to retrieve said balloon, give it to her, turn around and Dylan is now sprawled out on my chair, stealing the comfortable throne. And smiling smugly when I catch this.

Yes, my kids are mischievous little rascals. A warning now to those who happen to come over – check for your wallet before you leave 😉


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