How COOL is this?

Meow Mix has this awesome new site feature that allows you to turn your cat’s photo (or any photo) into a work of art just like mine. Make a Meowsterpiece!
1. Take a photo of you and your cat, then head over to Meow Mix‘s brand new Purrfect Together web portal. Once there, you can enjoy the unique experience of converting your photo into a true Meowsterpiece—a digital “oil” painting that helps express and immortalize your cat-love on canvas.
2. Share your Meowsterpiece on social media!
You can also download coupons at Meow Mix – look for the link and print them right away!
I have 2 cats – Cersei and Dexter. Cersei is my little companion while I am working. She loves to sit right next to my laptop, keeping me company and getting the occasional head ear scratch while I am typing away. Dexter? He’s my snuggle when I am heading to bed. His favorite spot? on my legs (but they MUST have blankets on them!). Together they make the purrfect team 😉
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*I received product in exchange for this post. My opinions are mine and mine alone.