The Original TummyTub® is a unique womb-shaped and sized bath that eases baby’s transition from a familiar, safe place to an unknown world. Enormously popular in Europe, this alternative to the standard baby bath makes bath time stress-free for babies and parents alike!*
*from The Tummy Tub® website
The wonderful staff at The Tummy Tub® offered to have me review The Tummy Tub® with my twins. I felt like it was a great opportunity, as I haven’t been completely happy with the standard tub I use with Dylan and Riley. Although they seem comfortable, they tend to get cold quickly. They are also wanting to be in a sitting position more and more as they get older and can’t on their own. I did try to bathe Dylan while supporting him in an upright position in his standard tub, which was extremely difficult to do! Not to mention half of his wet body was out of the water…
The Tummy Tub® has some great features, including:
•Baby feels warm, safe, and relaxed within soft boundaries
•Eases indigestion, gas, and colic while calming baby
•Stimulates cognitive and physical development
•Ultra light weight, easy on your back
•Meets the most stringent safety regulations worldwide
•Phthalate, BPA, lead free
•Uses less water, energy, and space than traditional baby tubs
•The optional stand raises baby to a comfortable sitting position and doubles as a stool, with clever design for storage inside

“Why not use a bucket?”

Would you want to put your baby in something designed to help you with washing your car? Something that could be made out of any old plastic that could potentially harm your baby with unfinished edges, unstable bottom, and does not meet the high standards set by CPSC ? Would you let your baby chew on a piece of plastic with unknown dyes and chemicals? Neither would I….*

*For more FAQ, please visit the FAQ page.
The first time I used The Tummy Tub® I will admit I was a little nervous. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to juggle holding the baby up AND washing him. I was also worried that he would slide and dunk his head underwater accidentally. BUT Dylan and I quickly got used to it.
This was his first “dunk”. Not too sure about it.
Then within seconds..
“hmmm… this isn’t so bad…”
“Thanks for The Tummy Tub®, mommy!”
As you can see, I quickly realized that Dylan could sit up by himself really well in The Tummy Tub®! It made is easier to wash him than I thought. He really loves it!
And here’s a video of Dylan having a great time!
A few features I LOVE about it:
Dylan and Riley satisfy the want to sit up “by themselves”. Both love to splish-splash and it’s easy for them to do so in The Tummy Tub®.
Compared to my standard baby tub I use a fraction of the water I used to with The Tummy Tub®.
Because of the higher water level the babies stay warm, therefore can stay in The Tummy Tub® longer (which they love to do).
After being bathed in The Tummy Tub® they are relaxed and so far have gone to sleep quickly at night. Plus they are sleeping longer stretches now – I am sure that the relaxing/playtime in The Tummy Tub® has a lot to do with that. I noticed a difference of two hours since I began to use The Tummy Tub®.
I’m a “city dweller”, which means smaller space, so I bathe the kids in the kitchen instead of the bathroom. The Tummy Tub® fits easily on the top of my fridge:
I really couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about it. To me, as long as my babies are happy, I am happy. And The Tummy Tub® made them very happy!
By the way, Riley Loves it too:
The Tummy Tub® is available online at Baby Meet World, Best for Babies, Amazon, and more. Or you can find out where to buy The Tummy Tub® near you.

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I absolutely love The Tummy Tub® It is a perfect gift for a new mom. Or get one for your own baby – he (or she!) will love it. You will wonder how you bathed your baby before The Tummy Tub®.
The The Tummy Tub® has an ARV of $44. And worth every penny!
While I was supplied with the item(s) reviewed, I was not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Dylan and Riley had a say in it too.