So I am ready to trigger. I can’t believe I am already up to this point!! I have had 5 or 6 dr visits in the last week, and today I have follies that measure 16mm-21mm. So Josh gets to trigger me at 9pm tonight. Oh yeah, I also have to work tonight rearranging the store, so Josh gets to come to my work to do it. We don’t really have a choice though, I can’t do it myself (I don’t think anyway, I am gonna google it..) and I don’t have anyone there who could do it for me. Plus that would be weird….

Dr says he will most likely have 21-23 eggs to retreive, I am hoping there will be at least 10 mature. ER will be bright and early Tuesday morning! We have to be there by 7:15am, retreival is at 8, I will be able to go home by around 9:30. I think Josh will only take a half day since I will be on bedrest and sleeping most of the day anyway. I also have Wednesday off to rest as well.

My boss was at my store yesterday and although I didn’t tell her exactly what was going on, I did tell her I had to be out Tuesday for a “procedure”. she had mentioned she would be at my store Tuesday so I had to say something.

I have been pretty exhausted and emotional too. Yesterday Josh and I were talking about something lame and I for some reasons burst into tears. I was telling him I was sorry for crying, I felt so stupid about it, he just hugged me and said he understood. It was ridiculous…but these lovely hormones surging through me make me do strange things…

Ok back to watching The Cramps perform on an old episode of BH90210.. The Cramps? at the Peach Pit with Dylan, Brandon, Kelly, Steve, and Donna? REALLY?!