*I received the Touch Brewer & cups in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

This morning I woke up at 6:30am. NOBODY should be up that early. But because the kids go to school at 7:15, I am forced to reset my internal clock to the wee hours. I now wake up and it’s still dark out guys… all I am thinking about is strong coffee.

The first thing I do is hunt for my glasses. I know I put them on the nightstand next to me (or maybe my husband took them off of my face when I fell asleep watching Netflix), but today? They aren’t there. Then I remembered the small crash in the middle of the night as my cat Cersei used my face as a jump-off platform and missed whatever he was jumping at, crashing onto my nightstand. I got up, got on my hands and knees and felt around under the bed because I can barely see 5 feet in front of me let alone under a dark  platform bed. Ahh there they are…


Before I got the kids up I dragged myself into the kitchen. Today I knew I would need something more than a regular cup of coffee. I lifted my head up and whispered “thank you” to the coffee gods for my Touch T414S Single Coffee maker, because I KNEW it would fit the bill.

  • The hot water has more contact with the coffee grounds, which ensures that all of the coffee flavor is extracted. Other machines take much longer to warm up and then shoot water through the coffee grounds too quickly, so you end up throwing away untapped flavor with the used capsule. Even with a slower, more deliberate brew, when factoring in the warm-up time, the Touch still turns out a cup of joe in a fraction of the time.
  • The brewer is ready to start brewing in under 20 seconds after being off all night.
  • You can now brew larger cups of coffee without sacrificing flavor. Customize your coffee experience by choosing from five cup sizes (6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 ounces) and three brew strengths (mild, medium or bold).
  • Its removable 90-ounce water tank has a greater capacity and is shorter in height than its counterparts, meaning you will be refilling less often, and it will be less awkward when you do.
  • Touch’s single serve cups are larger than traditional K-Cups, allowing more coffee grounds. More coffee means bigger, bolder flavor.

Ahh yisss….


The super awesome thing about this coffee maker is that it will still use traditional K-Cups, no need to go hunt for something special. With that said, the XBold cups will give you a stronger and bigger cup of coffee. Perfect for mornings like these.

I know tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that will be the same – drag myself out of bed, plead with my 5 year olds to get out of bed (perhaps bribing them with a pop-tart), and hunting for my glasses and keys. But my saving grace will be my bold 14oz cup of coffee that I don’t have to wait in line for.

And that once I send the kids off I can go back to bed.

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