Top Gift – Footsac Blanket from Lovesac


This Footsac blanket does so much more than keep you cozy on the couch (although it does that very well). Along the bottom of the blanket is an 18″ pocket for your feet, which means that you will never again struggle to keep your whole body covered. This is especially crucial when you’re in an uncomfortable economy seat on a red eye flight, where the Footsac suddenly seems like the smartest invention ever. It’s small and lightweight enough that you can easily toss it in your carry-on, but it’s still big enough to cover two snuggling love bugs.


Kyocera 3pc Ceramic Knife Set

Kyocera’s most popular advanced ceramic set which includes the essential revolution series knives for any home cook preparing fresh meals. The 5.5” Santoku is an all-purpose knife for everyday slicing of fruits, vegetables, boneless meats and fish. The 4.5” utility knife is perfect for precise slicing and straight cuts. The 3” Paring knife is ideal for detailed tasks like trimming, peeling, mincing and creating garnishes. For anyone enjoying healthy meals at home, use this set for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Not recommended for frozen or hard foods. Kyocera advanced ceramic cutlery and kitchen tools are fully warranted to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship.


Runamok Maple Pairings

Thinking of giving a gift, but don’t know which flavor to choose?  Well, these pairing collections are meant for you. Each set represents a sampling of some of our favorite smoked, barrel-aged and infused maple syrups, hand-picked for elegant options.  A great stocking stuffer or hostess gift, each is scrumptious and unique, bringing a new kind of maple syrup, not only to the breakfast table but also as a cocktail mixer and an ingredient in recipes both sweet and savory.

Pantry Favorite – This collection is known as the All-Stars of Runamok.  Our most popular syrups have so many uses from pancakes to ice cream, vinaigrettes and tea.  Use them in cocktails or over fresh fruit.


Golden Blossom Honey

One of my very favorite snacks in the world? Golden Blossom Honey and peanut butter on an English muffin.

Golden Blossom Honey is a unique blend of 3 pure honeys. Since 1921 we have been blending orange blossom, sage buckwheat and extra white clover honey together to create the signature flavor of Golden Blossom Honey.

Golden Blossom Honey is Pure U.S. Honey, sourced exclusively from U.S. Beekeepers, and does not contain any additives or preservatives.


Colavita Pasta Gift Basket

We weren’t kidding when we called this the perfect pasta basket. Including one of our most popular cuts, penne rigate, and our three best selling sauces, Tomato Basil, Marinara, and Italian Garden, this pasta basket will give it’s recipient the tools needed to make a simple yet delicious pasta dish or make pasta for a larger meal. Also included in this basket is Dal Raccolto fusilli and linguine, two of their best cuts. Pair either of these with Niasca pesto for a wonderful and savory treat. You’ll make any pasta lover’s dreams come true with the items from this basket!


Fringe Basket – Lorena Canals

Thbaskets are a chic way to hide laundry, books, clothes, electronic items, and more to keep a room tidy and clean. Available in “Bubbly”, “Leaf” designs, and more, these artisan-style baskets are chic, versatile, practical, and useful decorations for any room.

Lorena Canals’ hypo-allergenic and functional home accessories are made with non-toxic chemicals, natural dyes and without environmental hazards. Lorena Canals gives back by helping to finance the education of children in northern India to give them the opportunity to decide their future. The company is really focused on environmental friendliness and helping to make the world a better place.

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Zassenhaus Hot & Cold Brew Infuser

The Hot & Cold Brew Infuser is a multifunctional set designed to perform double duty as both a brewer and a serving carafe. With a 34-ounce capacity, the brewer makes up to eight cups of coffee. It has a micro-etched fine stainless steel filter that is said to preserve the coffee’s full aroma and eliminate the need for paper filters. Once the coffee is brewed to taste, the infuser is removed.

The system can also be used to make cold brew coffee. The fineness of the etched infuser complements extended brew time associated with cold brews, the company said. The glass carafe is 9.4 inches tall and features a large curved handle.


Capresso Froth Max Automatic Milk Frother

The Capresso froth MAX automatic milk frother produces professional quality results with a quick touch of a button. Three temperature settings – hot, warm and cold, open up a variety of options for delicious beverages including decadent Hot Chocolate. Features and Benefits Unique patented frothing disk delivers maximum milk froth with minimal effort Heating disk warms milk without ever scalding. Make decadent Hot Chocolate using freshly grated chocolate, chocolate syrup, or powdered mix. Large capacity: 8-oz for frothed milk and 12-oz for heated (non-frothed) milk. Dual auto shut-off for safe operation when temperature is reached or when pitcher is removed from base. Three illuminated temperature buttons (COLD, WARM, HOT) can be used with frothing disk or heating disk Clear milk pitcher with cool-touch handle is BPA free. Dishwasher safe removable milk pitcher for simple and quick cleaning. Includes two frothing disks and one heating disk that can be stored magnetically under the base. This stand-alone appliance is an ideal complement to any coffee maker or espresso machine.


Swag Pendant Lamp – Lamps USA

The perfect addition to any dark corner or above a table that the builder didn’t provide electrical wiring. HANG ANYWHERE – You will love your plug in swag pendant because it can move anywhere and put the light exactly where you need it. WONDERING ABOUT SIZE? Cord is 17′ long, so it will be long enough for most applications. Please measure prior to ordering. WHY HOME CONCEPT SIGNATURE PENDANTS? Top Quality Premium Lampshades means your room will glow with a rich warm luster your guests will notice. ONLY THE BEST Includes everything you need to get started: pendant, switch on 17′ cord and swag hardware


Tin Parade Napkin Wraps

Napkin Wraps were chosen as the Best New in Tabletop by G and G Goodfellows out of London 2018.  They were also a finalist in the Best New Product competition at the NY NOW gift show last month.  Abstract Silver Napkin Wrap Set (Napkin Wraps are a new concept by event planner Ryan Larson and are a twist on a classic napkin ring). $44.50 retail for a set of 4.


Moscow Fuel Mug

Give your mornings a mule kick with this porcelain mug that’s dressed like everyone’s favorite cocktail. These mugs have a fabulous package and a Ginger Coffee recipe on the back to boot. Comes in gold and marble.


Cucina PRO Snowflake Waffler

Snowflake Waffle Maker- Non-stick Christmas Waffler Iron Griddle- Adjustable Browning Control: Timeless style meets modern convenience in our classic line of wafflers. Adjustable waffle browning control and a non-stick coating make these wafflers as functional in the inside as they are beautiful on the outside. Great valentines day gift- perfect valentines present for anyone!


Little Snowie 2 Ice Shaver


Star Wars Slow Cooker – Uncanny Brands

NEW – 7-quart oval slow cooker, which features a wraparound parade of stylized Star Wars characters on a starry blue background.Whether it’s morning oatmeal or a hearty stew, you’ll feel the Force with every course! The product is as hard working as it is great looking. The space-saving oval shape allows you to cook a whole chicken and its ample size is perfect for feeding a large group. The removable stoneware insert lifts out for easy serving and cleaning. Cool touch knob and handles keep you safe from burns.


JBL Link300 Voice Activated Speaker

Achieve impressive sound from this JBL Link voice-activated speaker. Bluetooth technology ensures solid connectivity to your smartphone to play your favorite music, and the built-in Google Assistant provides hands-free operation on a variety of tasks. This JBL Link voice-activated speaker works with both iOS and Android devices for optimal convenience.


Guardline Motion Sensor Set

Guardline Security is a Seattle-based small business that has been selling outdoor motion alerts since 1999. They’re five passionate guys who put many years into developing quality motion alerts they stand behind. Guardline offers reliable expertise and after-sale support because they genuinely care about your positive experience.

The Guardline Outdoor Motion Alert set is the premier DIY home security solution recognized for its quality and service. The set can be used to detect motion outside your home, business, pool, backyard or driveway. It’s expandable up to 16 sensors, with over 30 tones including Star Wars and Indiana Jones.


Brooklyn Bedding

Rayon fibers, derived from bamboo, deliver a luxuriously soft sheen with exceptional breathability for a cooler, more restful night’s sleep.

  • Our Bamboo Twill Sheets owe their supreme softness and sheen to a disproportionate vertical weave of yarns, a technique complemented by the gentle hand of bamboo.
  • Rayon from bamboo has inherent thermal regulating properties that help maintain your ideal body temperature throughout the sleep experience.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic materials promote an antimicrobial sleep environment that’s gentle on sensitive skin.

*Thank you to the above sponsors for providing products in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.