Yesterday the bad news just kept coming. First, there was that bad feeling at my ob (see previous post), then ap.ple completely screwed up an order and charged us $1000…. Long story short, Josh got a air and decided he wanted the pro instead, so instead of refunding and then charging us they just charges us. It’s being taken care of, though.

Then the worst news… An old friend whom I haven’t talked to in a few months passed away back in June. I didn’t know until yesterday. It makes me sad that I missed her memorial and that I had been meaning to call her and just never got around to it. She had Lupus and passed from complications of the disease. It’s so heartbreaking, she was only 29.

Elizabeth (“lizard”), if you can read this or hear me just know that I love you so much and I’m so sad you are gone. We had some fun times together and I will miss you…..