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Last week my little family went on a quick overnight getaway to the Oregon Coast. I love the coast…

I packed my necessities – beach toys, salt for catching razor clams (which we never used), S’mores ingredients, swimsuits, my Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, etc…. I had brought my S7 Active specifically because of the durability of it. And it has my Pokemon Go app, I needed water-type pokemon. Only 320 more Magicarps to go before I can evolve!


We got to our hotel, immediately the twins begged to jump into the pool downstairs. Ok, fine. Get your swimsuits on and we will go. I didn’t bring my suit so I waited in my jeans and tee. My husband was tired from driving so he stayed behind in the room. So me and my littles scampered off to the pool.

I was happy to see that the shallow end was roped, so I told the kids not to go past it. Dylan is a little fish – he can swim laps around his sister. Riley on the other hand – she can swim, has taken many lessons, but doesn’t like putting her head underwater. So she tiptoed around the shallow end, head and shoulders above the water while Dylan hopped above and below the surface. I watched them from the edge, my feet dangling in. There was a family of 3 also in the pool, minding their own business.

Do you see where this is going?

Little did I or the kids know… the shallow end sloped down BEFORE the roped area. Riley unfortunately realized this and before she knew it was face-only above the water. Dylan, being the helpful brother he is, tried in vain to pull her to the edge which was about 3 feet away. I quickly see that they need help. I jump in (jeans and all) and pull them both to the edge. They were ok, just shaken up and scared. I was happy to have been right there with them (I never EVER let them swim alone).

After the crying subsided I realized something.

My phone was in my back pocket the ENTIRE TIME.


And while that would have been a mini-meltdown session for me normally, I was confident in knowing that it was my Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. Water resistant. Shatter-resistant. Mom resistant.

My jeans were soaked and sticking to me. My kids were alive and calmed down. And my Galaxy S7 Active was perfectly fine.


This, my friends, is why I am happy to have the Galaxy S7 Active.

You can get a FREE Samsung Gear S2 watch when you get a Samsung Galaxy S7 Active at AT&T 

Limited time only!


  • Designed with a shatter-resistant1 screen for extra protection
  • An IP68 water-resistance2 rating helps to protect it from spills and splashes—just wipe it off and keep going
  • Large 4,000 mAh battery helps power you through your day3
  • Fingerprint sensor—first ever on the Galaxy S active device4
  • Easily capture low-light photos with a dual-pixel smartphone camera
  • DIRECTV® tools and apps


*Thanks to AT&T Portland I have the Galaxy S7 Active on loan. All opinions are my own.