One week to go….


8+ years has come down to 7 little days…. or less.

Although I have been incredibly anxious to have my babies, hold them, kiss them, I can’t help but feel like I need to treasure these last few days before our lives change forever. I mean, our lives have already changed, but I would be kidding myself if I were to say I know what the next chapter our lives has in store for us.

I can’t fathom it. It’s totally unattainable for me (and Josh) to quite understand what this all means for us. I do know that Josh and I have been through thick and thin and one thing has always been a constant.

We go through it all hand-in-hand. He is my rock. I am his rock. We have been together for 17 years this year, married for 11 coming up on April 10th. While it is so strange to think of it no longer being “just us”, it’s exciting to come to the point where we are only adding to our relationship.

I’m scared. Excited. Overwhelmed. Anxious. But to know he is there and supporting everything I am currently feeling or will feel makes me feel so much better.