So I don’t think I will get another report until I go in Sunday morning. I am praying for my 17 babies, that each one will grow healthy and strong and my Dr will have a hard time deciding which 2 to put back… My sister made me laugh when she said “well I hope they put back Daphne and Dexter, that would suck if they put back a couple that you don’t know!” I am also planning on testing before my blood test, just because I want to have an idea of whats going on, especially since I will be at work that day.

AND I still have Chele’s Lucky HPT. 2 of the 3 she has given the HPT’s to have gotten a BFP šŸ™‚ So I’d say they are lucky…

I was at the grocery store today buying organic veggies (since it’s WAY too hot to go to the Farmer’s Market) and thought about something. I had heard 1 in 4 women suffer from infertility at some point in their lives. and just over 10% have serious issues that require more than a minor change, such as PCOS, Male Factor, Endo, or just unexplained. I wondered how many of the women I saw today had suffered or are currently struggling with it. I began seeing it all from a different perspective. I must have come across 100 women today during my errands. Of those women, 25 have felt the way I have felt. They have cried when only one line has shown up, they have blamed themselves, or wondered “why me?”. They have had the BFP only to have it taken away again. 10 of those have yet to overcome it, or possibly never will. I wonder how many have given up?

I would say maybe one. If that.

We TTCers are a strong group. We have had tears, heartache, pain, confusion. But we always keep going back for more. Why?

Because of hope. And maybe some stubborness.

But mostly hope.