So we will start off with item one:

My laptop power cord it frayed. Don’t know how it happened, but now I get to shell out cash for a new one. I am currently on my dinosaur of a desktop.


Went to the IVF class last night. the needles scared the hell out of me, but I know that… this too shall pass. Josh and I giggled like kids through the whole class and made secret jokes about heroin. Keep in mind we just watched Breaking Bad the previous day. Great show. Oh, and I had found out Weeds is coming back in less that two weeks.

and the big one – THREE:

I went to my Dr today to get a sonahystagram (like an hsg, but not quite) and GUESS WHAT.. Yep, IVF officially postponed.

That’s right POSTPONED. For a month.

*This too shall pass….*

My Dr found one, maybe two polyps in my uterus. So I go in to get them zapped out on Monday morning. I am not surprised in the least that my IVF has been put off again. I actually expected it. I even told Josh that I was.

When I go in early Monday morning (6am call time), I will be having the outpatient surgery. BUT I get to be put under yet again.

I had the uncomfortable task of telling my boss that I had to have surgery again BUT it’s only a couple of days out instead of a few weeks.

So instead of the transfer being at the end of June, it will be at the end of July. One more month… just another month…

This too shall pass, right??