Dear Mother Earth,

So what’s up with all of this snow we have in Portland and the whole Pacific Northwest? I can understand a day or two of it, but this it going on a week and a half with no end in sight. I know others have to deal with it all of the time (someone I know continues to remind me she used to live outside of Buffalo, NY and didn’t have snowplows and had to drive/walk/ski to school everyday, probably 5 miles uphill both ways), but we here in PDX are not prepared, nor are we used to it. We don’t have a bunch of snowplows waiting in the wings to clear our streets. It’s dangerous…

Case and point – My car is stuck at work in Woodburn, about 30 miles from here. It has been since early Saturday morning when it started snowing and I had to put my chains on at 6am in the dark in the snow (a feat which I am quite proud of, mind you). But then, WHOOPS, a cable snapped, which caused me to pull over on I-5, in the dark, wearing all black to take them off and pray the rest of the way to work. Oh, plus I was sick and lost my voice that day. Josh picked me up that day and it took us 3 hours to get home.

So Josh and I decide that we HAVE to get my car. TODAY. He is sick now, BTW. So we get out on our little major street here in Beaverton and promptly lost control of the car and started to spin. Twice. Into oncoming traffic. before you ask, YES we have 4 wheel drive, and yes we had chains.

Scared, I said, screw it, I will miss work and not get my car. I hope to hitch a ride with my assistant tomorrow, that is if she can get out of the driveway. Oh, and she decided to try to ski to the corner store and twisted her knee… See? Dangerous….

So I understand that you, dear Mother Nature, have something against us and think global warming is a bunch of B.S.

I just have one question for you…. It THIS the end of days? Snow-mageddon? If it is I won’t waste time and money trying to get knocked up.

I await your reply.

Yours Truly,

Maybe you did it for the dogs. They seem to love it.

The no power thing was a nice touch. Touche’!