So today I am 28 weeks! Well, according to my doctor I am 28w1d because they moved my due date up a day….

It’s crazy to know that there are only ten weeks left in my pregnancy. TEN WEEKS?! Possibly less!

The main thing lately with the babes is the change in movement. Not less movement, just different. Not so many jabs and kicks, more stretches and such. Instead of my stomach jerking like I hiccuped, it does this crazy slow roll. Last night Josh and I were chilling on the couch and I started feeling the rolls. Josh freaked out when he felt them. 🙂 It was funny.

With me, my back has been hurting soooo bad. I still can’t find my heating pad so I am gonna buy another one tonight. The only time it doesn’t hurt is when I am in the tub or in bed. Asleep. Which is rare nowadays. I am so used to sleeping a lot, but lately it’s been getting worse and worse. I nap in the late afternoon, but end up not being able to go to sleep until 1 or 2 am and then wake up at least 4-5 times. I am up and out of bed by around 9:30, but given the amount of times I wake up I figure I am getting around 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I would LOVE to sleep more now because I know it will be even harder when the babies get here.

I shouldn’t complain, I mean I don’t work, I can take it easy every day, but it’s still so hard…

My shower is in a couple of weeks 🙂 I am so excited to see my friends again after so long! Even one of my high school buddies will be there, I haven’t seen her in probably 15 years!! AND I get to see my sisters and my mom!!! I can’t wait! I haven’t been doing any shopping for the babies because of this. The guest list for the shower was LONG, around 50 people plus a spouse or friend, and I already know a lot will attend. I did find a couple of things that I had to buy – a 3-6mos tee with a guitar on it, a leopard print onesie… but really not much…

Josh is getting his tigers tattoo finished in three weeks. Too bad I can’t go with him, he’s going up to the artist in Auburn, WA that started the work and staying for the weekend. Last weekend we went up to get some more done, which he did, but I was so uncomfortable and tired I told him I would have to stay home for the final session.

Oh, and GD update. I talked to the scheduler for the dietician and am going in on Friday. Seeing that’s like almost 2 weeks since my 3hr test, I don’t think there is a huge concern over it. If it was bad I would have already seen her and have gone on insulin, right?