The Snugg iPad Case

So yes, I DID review The Snugg last month. And my son has still taken it over. And we still love it. So much so that I gave another Snugg iPad case to my BFF Bridget. She and I met in a mom group 4 years ago.


drag show! YES!

Bridget and I have a lot in common – both have kids the same age, we live in the same town, and pretty much like the same things. Which means technology (except I am an iPhone girl and she’s a Samsung. But we don’t hold that against each other ;)) We also both love coffee, hate laundry, and constantly have the theme to Jake and the Neverland Pirates in our heads. Whether we like it or not…

We both have iPads. iPads that we regularly use and love. iPads that our kids take over when we aren’t looking. So giving her The Snugg case was a natural thing. I mean I love mine, she’s SURE to love hers, right?

RIGHT 🙂 She does. Here’s what she says about The Snugg iPad case:

(we also take pics of our feet constantly. Don’t judge)

“I LOVE this case. It’s such a pretty and vibrant color so very easy to spot when my son decides to “borrow” it. It’s well made so I can throw my iPad in my bag without worrying about damage. And the stylus loop – I am always losing those darn things! It’s nice to be able to keep it with the iPad (logic!) and not lose it. Of course that will only make it easier for my preschooler to take it from me…”

Seriously, do ALL kids take their parents’ electronics?

So.. there you have it. a second testimony about this fab product. And why haven’t you gotten one yet? 🙂

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