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If you read my blog (and why would you not?) You will see I am a Disney fan. Specifically? Disney Villians. The lady villians.  Give me some Maleficent and Evil Queen and I am happy.

I love that Soho Beauty Brand has these killer (literally, according to the characters) makeup bags available at Walgreens. I know they are pretty hot because they sell out quickly (so go NOW NOW NOW to find them!), but lucky me I got my evil little hands on them…


My two favorite evil ladies…

These makeup bags are my WORLD right now.. I am smitten with them and their evil-ness! And because they are so roomy, I can put all of my makeup into them and get going wherever the wind takes me…


Not only does Soho Beauty Brand have Disney Villians, they also have the nice princesses in the form of beauty tools and are constantly adding more goodies to their Disney collection. So if you miss out on these super cool bags, keep an eye out at your local Walgreens for other varieties. I know that every year they come out with special Holiday Kits that you won’t want to miss.


Although the Disney Collection is EXCLUSIVE to Walgreens Stores nationwide, you can find Soho Beauty Brand products at other great retailers!