* This post is sponsored by Poise Impressa and Acorn Influence. All opinions are 100% my own.

Picture this… you are out on a long-awaited date with your husband. It’s been months – the kids take up much of your time and by the rnd of the day the last thing you want to do is go out, but this is much needed. You are eating dinner, reconnecting, and he says something to make you laugh. OMG. Bladder leakage!

Ever have that feeling of squeezing your knees together when you laugh?

Although pads are all fine and well, they can be a bit uncomfortable and annoying. And who wants to be uncomfortable on their first night out in months? Who wants to worry about “peeing a little bit”?


While I don’t personally suffer from bladder leakage, I DO know many moms out there do. Think about it – if you’ve ever had a baby you will know that it *changes things* down there. While some can experience it being a subtle minor difference, some have problems with bladder leakage. It’s not a sense of urgency like “I gotta go!!” – it’s more of a *surprise* when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. And until now, there have only been pads available. And when pads come into the picture, FREEDOM goes out.  But now there’s Poise Impressa.


I went to Walmart to see if I could find the new Impressa Sizing Kit and found it quickly and easily on the shelf. The sizing kit comes with 3 different supports so you can find your correct size. Impressa Bladder Supports are a non-absorbent, removable product that helps stop bladder leaks before they happen and  are inserted into the vagina like a tampon to gently lift and give support to the urethra. This added support to the urethra helps prevent urine from leaking.



I decided to purchase the box so I can check out the product myself. I wanted to see exactly what the bladder supports were made of and the sizes. They do look just like a tampon at first glance but upon further inspection they are actually made of silicone wrapped in a non-absorbent covering to protect your body and make insertion and removal easier.


So now toss the “pee pads” and get your freedom back. Laugh without worry with Poise Impressa!

You can find Poise Impressa at Walmart!

Look for it with other bladder protection products!