So last night I was sitting in the living room and the twins were playing next to my comfy red chair. They were quietly using their safety scissors as “tweezers” and picking up chenille sticks, putting them on a toy platter, then taking the platter over to the Christmas tree to put their “decorations” up on the tree. They were happy, giggling, and quiet. TV was off. our new kitten was snuggled up on my shoulder. All I needed was a warm mug of hot cocoa and it would have been perfect. Except for on small thing.

These little guys are tri-shaped pony beads. Simple little craft beads that you can buy just about anywhere craft stuff is sold. When stacked together in different colors they make a cool stripe design.

When my niece was about 3 she made me a candy cane ornament – with these beads and a chenille stick. They were stacked red and white. The candy cane hung on my tree every year for the last 10 years (until now). The other night our tree fell over and many of the ornaments fell off or broke. AWESOME right?

That little candy cane ornament must have fallen somewhere because in my haste of picking everything back up I didn’t notice it was there, gone, or what. All I noticed was the broken glass that needed to be cleaned up.

Flash-forward back to my near bliss. Riley had found my candy cane ornament. I didn’t notice it because they were playing with chenille sticks and the ornament was made with one.. after about a minute Riley says to me “Mommy! I stuck CANDY up my nose!” (she calls anything small and fun candy). Candy? Where in the world did you get can-” and then I saw it. Those little beads. I looked up her nose and there was one IN HER NOSE.

And it wasn’t just in her nose – no, that would have been too easy. It was poking out of her sinus cavity. So I call my husband, tell him to come home so we can take her to Urgent Care. Riley seemed uninterested and not bothered by this hunk of plastic in her head.

Me? I was freaking out internally. But I kept calm on the outside.

After the world’s longest 15 minutes husband gets home and we head to UC. Since it was 6 at night it was not busy at all and we were seen right away.

You are going to stick that in my nose?!

The first thing the Dr says is to try closing up her clear nostril with my finger and lightly but quickly blow into her mouth as this can help dislodge the bead*. Nope. It was wedged in there. But luckily all she needed was to be swaddled up for minimal wiggling and the Dr swiftly pulled it right out. The alternative would be to take her to the ER and have her sedated – or worse – surgery. Whew, dodged that bullet. Afterward we went for what was probably the most expensive cup of hot cocoa ever (after I get the doc’s bill!). I told Riley I was very proud of her for telling me what she did right away because I may not have known had she not – she was acting totally normal. She could have inhaled it into her throat and choked!  And I was proud that she was such a brave little soldier.

This was the first time to Urgent Care, but will probably not be the last.

What did I learn? If I keep calm my child will too. And take inventory of seemingly harmless things such as ornaments…


*I am not a licensed medical person and cannot give medical advice. It’s always best to call a doctor if you have an issue you need assistance with.

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