The Peanuts Movie – In Theaters Nov 6! Celebrate With the NEW Happy Dance Snoopy (Giveaway Ends 7/20/2015)

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The Peanuts Movie is in Theaters November 6!

I have been such a fan of Snoopy and Peanuts – ever since I was little. My first lunchbox (remember those metal ones?) was a Snoopy one similar to this:

Even that was vintage to me, I think it was my older sister’s or mom’s. But I loved it all the same! Now I am introducing Snoopy and the gang to my kids in a whole new way! We can’t wait for The Peanuts Movie to come out November 6th!

To celebrate we got the Happy Dance Snoopy! He dances and kisses to our favorite Peanuts song – Linus & Lucy’s Song! Riley demonstrates just how easy – and awesome – the Happy Dance Snoopy is to dance with!

Happy Dance Snoopy does the most adorable dance (as you see in the video above) and gives kisses when you kiss his nose. My kids haven’t stopped playing with him šŸ™‚


Happy Dance Snoopy will be available at Target in August, but YOU can win one from me! Use the form below US only, 18+, end July 20th!!

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  1. I followed @snoopygrams as requested, but I don’t think that’s the twitter account that you actually want. It’s a “egg account” which means that it’s a new account with no avatar no tweets at all and very few followers. The description is a single piece of punctuation and nothing else. It has nothing to do with the movie or the makers of this toy. Most blogs refuse to give credit for entries from “egg accounts” so it is odd to be asked to follow one. I think that you made a mistake.

    Maybe you want @Snoopy or maybe @JustPlayToys?

    1. Also, under the Instagram follow entry button you have this:
      “Spring=Snoopy! Enter to WIN a Spring Prize Pack! Ends 4/14 #Giveaway”
      which has nothing to do with Instagram, whatever and looks like a tweet maybe.
      I already follow you on Instagram so I took the entry.
      The link under the follow on Youtube is this:
      which leads to a blank page.
      I already follow you on YouTube (as so I took that entry too!

      Hope this helps.

    2. Whew, AND the Instagram and Pinterest entries don’t work.
      Fill them out and press enter, then refresh the page and the entries disappear.

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