Meet Rilakkuma!

Rilakkuma is an adorable Japanese Teddy Bear. Legend has it that one day Rilakkuma appeared at the apartment of a girl named Kaoru,who was an office worker in Japan. Nobody knew where Rilakkuma came from or why he has a zipper compartment on his back, but in Kaoru’s apartment he lived, getting into trouble with Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori. Korilakkuma (the smaller white bear) also mysteriously showed up at Kaoru’s apartment. Kiiroitori is Kaoru’s little yellow chick. 

“Rilakkuma” means “Bear in relaxed mood”. At all time and everywhere he goes he is continuously lazy and relaxed. He is totally stress-free and also doing things on his own pace. He is someone impossible to be hated by others. You will be dragged into Rilakkuma’s world and become lazy and relaxed while watching what everything he does.

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Wouldn’t you know it… Rilakkuma was here at MY HOUSE. That’s a long way to travel from Japan!


I found him lounging in a most curious spot – my deer antlers in my living room! That didn’t seem like a very comfortable spot so I took him down.


Right away he wanted to know about the family he was visiting. He looks at pictures of the twins and I told him all about them. Even though he only speaks Japanese I *think* he understood me.


After that he found a quiet place to read his book. My red chair is much more comfortable than antlers! He fell asleep for a while…


He wanted to help me with the dishes. He tried his hardest but couldn’t lift any of the cups. Thankfully my favorite cup didn’t break when he accidentally dropped it, but I wouldn’t have been upset if it did – how could you get mad at that face??


Later on I found him looking out the window. I would imagine he was wondering why it rained so much here in Portland…


That all changed when my cat Dexter joined him and pointed out the great things about looking out windows – like watching squirrels and birds jump around.


Then it was time for Rilakkuma to head back to his apartment in Japan. Kaoru would be missing him. But not before a little snuggle!

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Also check out one of my favorite YouTubers: Ro at Nerdy Nummies. She will show you how to make Rilakkuma pancakes! I really NEED those Rilakkuma pajamas she is wearing (find them on Amazon)

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